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    His paws tightened around the shafts of his weapons. He couldn't sweat anymore, but he was panting hard.

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Story concept · 4:58am Apr 15th, 2012

His paws tightened around the shafts of his weapons. He couldn't sweat anymore, but he was panting hard.

The battlefield was swirling with dust clouds, the wind whipping up spontaneous dirt devils everywhere. Bodies lay in street corners, blood soaking into the parched soil. The sounds of ongoing clashes filled the air. The metallic scent of rusted metal and spilled gore drifted in the wind.

Suddenly, he caught the sound of one of the beasts coming up the street to his left. The ragged breathing, the scraping of claws against cobblestones. He froze as he spotted its shadow. The seconds felt like hours as the scaly monstrosity turned the corner.

He saw its slitted eyes staring into his, saw the flame darting between its dagger-sharp teeth.

The key to not being scared is to be scarier than your enemy.

The key to beating a psychopath is to be even crazier than they are.

The key to avoiding panic is to stop thinking and start doing.

In a moment, he reached deep inside himself. He buried his conscious mind somewhere beyond the reach of the world. In a moment, he put aside every one of his mortal concerns and became... a monster.

The opponents rushed towards each other, filled with bestial rage.

Weapons flashed. Steel rang on steel. And the blood flowed once more.

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