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Just some guy with a fascination in My Little Pony, The Walking Dead, and Team Fortress 2. Both Writer and Gamer, I am an exceptionally socially awkward individual. Also I like AppleDash. That is all.

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  • 174 weeks
    I'm back, much like the Zombies I write about.

    Speaking of which, said story is back in development. I won't give a definite answer for when the next chapter will be finished (or when KJay will be able to upload it afterwards) but know that this story is not dead...

    Or should I say...

    Undead :p

    i'm not sorry

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  • 295 weeks
    A Spin-off has been made

    A Fan of The Trotting Dead: VG has made a spin-off Story that he and I have been discussing for a while now. It involves our two favorite minor antagonist, Gilda and Trixie, and well known survivors from The Walking Dead Video Game, Omid and Christa. Be sure to check it out!


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  • 296 weeks
    Happy Bunny Egg Jesus Day!

    Or Easter, for ya'll who don't like my name for it. Regardless, I hope you have had a good weekend. And now I have a present for you all:


    And it's only just over two years late! :scootangel:

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  • 319 weeks
    Guess who's back

    No, seriously, guess: I bet you'll never figure it out. :ajsmug:

    So... It's been a while... over a year to be more exact... this is kinda awkward... :eeyup:

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  • 408 weeks
    Gettin back to work

    Hello everyone! I'm sorry to say that it's been over a month since I sent KJay a chapter for The Trotting Dead VG (Close to two months, actually). I've been having some personal problem lately with my family and school, plus some other things. I am happy to announce that most of those problems have passed and I am working on the next chapter at this time! I was actually close to finishing it a

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Many Thanks! · 8:29pm Sep 9th, 2013

Hey, this is bobby ray. I just wanted to thank everyone who has begun, or will begin, to support me in the Trotting Dead. I have some ideas for stories I want to start on this site, but those probably won't come along until later. Anyway, thanks again! I hope you all will enjoy my work.

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I look forward to the Trotting Dead and your other stories! I hope it turns out well for you! :twilightsmile:

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