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    More on going Plots

    It’s been about six months since my original post about the stories I had planned so I thought it was about time for an update. If you look at the original you’ll see some of the stories have now been written others have been totally discarded and a few are still to be put together. As its coming up to the end of the year I thought it was about time I looked forwards to what I’m planning to do

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    Pinkie and Bluie Updated

    I have updated Pinkie and Bluie to match the current version of Gala i.e. removed the Trixie pretends to poison Blueblood section and replaced it with something else. If you're interested you can read it again but I don't think it changes much of the overall story.

    I've also tidied up the grammar a bit although there are probably still problems.

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    Dr Who 50th Anniversary

    As today is the 50th anniversary of Dr Who I though I should put up a sneak preview for the next chapter of the Dr Who / lunaverse story. hopefully the rest of the story will be up early in December (although I'm rather behind schedule at the moment).

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    Hitting the Big time

    In my last blog I said that I'm consider one of my stories as hitting the big time if it got 100 upvotes.

    Well that's just happened for 'Pinkie and Bluie' so Yay Go Me!

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    Popular, its all about Popular.

    What makes a story popular?

    I suppose the most important part is that it’s a good, interesting, well written story. However, you could write the best story ever and if no-one reads it no-one will know. So what makes you want to read a story in the first place?

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Alternative Scene · 6:49pm Aug 3rd, 2013

The 5th chapter of my Dr Who / Lunaverse story should be up in the next few minutes and for the first time I have a deleted / alternative scene I didn't have. After writing the Pinkie birth scene I had the idea that Octavia would use her acute hearing to inform the Doctor of the foal's position like an ultrasound. I originally rejected the idea as although it was probably within L-verse Octavia's powers it was rather outlandish in an otherwise fairly down to Equestria story. However, Grassandclouds2 liked the idea so I wrote a version to see how it worked. However after some more discussion my proof-reader Mooncalf agreed with my original thoughts and I decided to keep the original scene. However, for anyone who is interested below is the other version: -

The Doctor rested a hoof on Pinkie and felt another, unmoving, form within, “Oh no,” he gasped, “Twins!”. Once again the Doctor gently felt around inside the pink mare and found the form of a second foal. He was sure it was positioned incorrectly but couldn’t visualise what was wrong, “Come on,” he muttered, “Where’s your head?”

The grey mare, Paperweights supposed marefriend, gently rested a hoof on the Doctors shoulder, “I think I might be of assistance.” she whispered.

“You have medical training, Miss..” said the Doctor hopefully.

“Octavia, Octavia Philharmonica,” she said, “I am afraid I do not but I have very acute hearing I may be able to locate the foal from the sounds of it and Mrs Blueblood-Pie’s heartbeats.”

The Doctor frowned, “Like a Sonogram? That seems unlikely.”

“I do not know what you speak of but I believe I can do it if given absolute silence,” she raised her voice slightly with the last words.

Paperweight’s voice cut through the crowd demanding they all be quiet. Stepping back the Doctor still looked incredulous. Octavia closed her eyes and moved towards Pinkie whose face was contorted in pain and was clutching her daughter to her with one hoof and her husband with the other.

Octavia’s eyes shot open, “Doctor,” she whispered, “should you have two heartbeats?”

“Yes,” he replied in surprise, “Now I really do believe you can do this.” He moved back towards his patent while Octavia put her ear to Pinkie’s abdomen and concentrated. The area surrounding them was so quiet you could hear a pin drop, many even held their breath.

The Octavia spoke in a calm and low tone, “I believe the head is in the same direction as his mothers, I can make out the echo’s of Pinkie’s heart quite clearly,” she said pointedly, “There appears to be something near the foals neck.” Following her instructions the Doctor located the foals head and felt the umbilical cord wrapped around its neck.

“Doctor. should it be like that?” asked Pinkie in a small voice which caused Octavia to flinch in both physical and mental discomfort.

“It shouldn’t be a problem,” lied the Doctor, “I just need you to lie back and push again when I say.” He gently tried to reposition the foal inside its now anxious mother without hurting either of them, but the child would not move. Out of the corner of his eye he caught a glimpse of Night Vision looking grim, he thought he saw a purple glow play around her head and the child seemed to shift in his grasp.

Octavia moved her head away frowning, “I hear a humming, like magic,” she muttered.

The Doctor nodded gratefully towards the disguised princess and started to guide the process correcting the foal’s position and unwrapping the cord from around it. “I don’t think I’ll need your assistance any more Ms Philamonica,” he said. With a polite bow Octavia stepped back to stand next to Paperweight.

“Ok, Pinkie, I need you to push really hard now.” with a scream the mare complied and the limp form of her second child exited her womb. Unlike his sister, who was now struggling to get to her feet without success the other foal, a light brown unicorn with matted tufts of blond mane, was unmoving.

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