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    More on going Plots

    It’s been about six months since my original post about the stories I had planned so I thought it was about time for an update. If you look at the original you’ll see some of the stories have now been written others have been totally discarded and a few are still to be put together. As its coming up to the end of the year I thought it was about time I looked forwards to what I’m planning to do

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    Pinkie and Bluie Updated

    I have updated Pinkie and Bluie to match the current version of Gala i.e. removed the Trixie pretends to poison Blueblood section and replaced it with something else. If you're interested you can read it again but I don't think it changes much of the overall story.

    I've also tidied up the grammar a bit although there are probably still problems.

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    Dr Who 50th Anniversary

    As today is the 50th anniversary of Dr Who I though I should put up a sneak preview for the next chapter of the Dr Who / lunaverse story. hopefully the rest of the story will be up early in December (although I'm rather behind schedule at the moment).

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    Hitting the Big time

    In my last blog I said that I'm consider one of my stories as hitting the big time if it got 100 upvotes.

    Well that's just happened for 'Pinkie and Bluie' so Yay Go Me!

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    Popular, its all about Popular.

    What makes a story popular?

    I suppose the most important part is that it’s a good, interesting, well written story. However, you could write the best story ever and if no-one reads it no-one will know. So what makes you want to read a story in the first place?

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Hitting the Big time · 8:56pm Oct 28th, 2013

In my last blog I said that I'm consider one of my stories as hitting the big time if it got 100 upvotes.

Well that's just happened for 'Pinkie and Bluie' so Yay Go Me!

As an updated to my general writing, October's been a busy month for me so I'm rather behind. I'm only about a third of the way through this months Time after Time chapter so it's likely that it'll be a few weeks before that's out. After that I'm planning on starting my next Candenceverse story currently entitled Generosity Games with Fluttershy and Rarity competing to try and raise money for their charities. Followed by another Dr Who chapter (probably the 7th Doctor) which will probably take me into December.

To link back to the start of the post I'm considering writing a Pinkie and Bluie sequel for Christmas currently attentively entitled 'A Pinkie and Bluie Hearthwarming' about each of the pair trying to get the perfect Hearthwarming gift for the other and meeting each others parents. A possible alternative is a romance story telling the growing relationship between Fragrant Posey and Mounty Max.

Both are currently open to be written or chucked depending on my mood, so does anyone out there have any suggestions or opinions?

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No real suggestions, but I would really like to see another Pinkie and Bluey story. There's a reason it has so many upvotes :pinkiehappy:
Congrats by the way.

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