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Status Update. · 6:04pm Jun 25th, 2013

What do Boxes, Plane tickets, and Loosing All your Friends have in common?

Well, not all my friends, just all the ones I see in person, and I'm hoping a lot of them will transition into skype friends. But I digress.

Long story short, I'm moving. Across the continent, to be precise. This is far from my first move, in fact, this move takes my average back to a new house every three years. But I have spent the last four houses in roughly the same area, with roughly the same friends. Which is a record for me. So I won't pretend this isn't going to hurt.

But on the plus side, the college I will be attending has a MLP club! And I'd be lying if I told you was wasn't at least a little excited about that. Also, also, this move will put me within a days drive of one of my best friends in the world. So it isn't all bad. Even having said that, I am putting on a brave face for you guys.

But enough about me, lets talk about the reason (most of) you started following me. How is this going to affect my stories? Am I still even writing stories? Why haven't I published anything recently?

Well, last semester was suppose to be a break for me, an easy one, it wasn't. I still got some work done on fic stuff, but after the semester ended, I needed some time to get my head back on straight. That explains May.
And then a good friend of mine invited me to join his Aspirations of Harmony game. Building my character, and the five sessions we have had have been a blast. A rather distracting blast, but still a blast. I've never spent so much time on skype... 9_6
that explains June.

I'm finally getting back into the swing of things, and then the move happens. Ya, sorry about that. But don't give up on me, here is the list of things I plan to have done by the end of summer.

Finish Umbra. (I already have enough to post another chapter if I decide to tweak the format a bit, but I want to finish it all before I start uploading.)
Start Umbra's two sequels. (I know, right!)
Try one last time to get Bolts' featured on EQD. (Wish me luck!)
Create a secondary account here on Fimfic to colab dumpy comedies with a friend. (We already have four ideas, this will be a good thing.)
Finish the Youtube Fanfiction reading I'm helping another friend with. (More on that project when it gets moving again.)
Have lots of fun on skype with my new and old friends RPing as ponies. (We are mostly writers, it is pretty much the best thing ever.)
Get back in touch with the author of this other thing I'm colabing on, and see where it's standing. (Probably try and do that later today... Should have done it a while ago...)

Well, that about wraps things up. With the move, don't expect to see much of me for a couple weeks. I might have a surprise for you before then, but no promises.

Oh, I almost forgot. If you are bored, allow me to recommend a few stories for you to pass the time.

First a service to one of my oldest friends on here, and the guy who I will be starting that Alt account with. q97randomguy. He only has one story, but you should check it out. You should expecially check it out if you've read Paradice, by SlyWit. And if you haven't read that... Seriously, what have you even been reading?

Second, a shout-out to one of my newest friends on here, KitsuneRisu, and his story Romancing The Clouds. It's a great read! I ground through it one day. Kits also has a bunch of other stuff, but I can't vouch for it... yet. This is also the guy who drew my OC for the Aspirations of Harmony game. Isn't she pretty?

I haven't gotten around to reading much of his stuff yet, but Romancing the Clouds is really good.

Also, pretty much anything by Cynewulf, or The Descandant is worth a look.

Well, good luck out there, and for anyone who bothered to read this far, I love you guys. Seriously, I wouldn't do what I do without you.

This is Anti, signing off.

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So you pimp everyone in our AoH-group but me, huh?

I see how it is. :twilightangry2:

1182707 It was in main chat...

I'm far too lazy for that many individual PMs...

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