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  • 463 weeks
    Now in Arizona, and why I write

    Well, I survived. I now live in Flagstaff Arizona, as opposed to Richmond Indiana. For those of you not familiar with US geography, those two are pretty damn far apart. Internet is getting installed on monday, probably, I hope. I'm actually writing this from the campus of my new school NAU. So, now you know.

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    Status Update.

    What do Boxes, Plane tickets, and Loosing All your Friends have in common?

    Well, not all my friends, just all the ones I see in person, and I'm hoping a lot of them will transition into skype friends. But I digress.

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    A little dose of normal

    In celebration of national poetry month--totally not because I'm in an English class and have homework--I wrote some poetry. I thought I might as well share them, give you guys a dose of normal to counteract all the April fools day tom foolery. I enjoy a good prank as much as the next guy, but I'm really glad this only happens once a year...

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  • 477 weeks

    Well, it's out. The first chapter if Umbra is out. Again, this is the prologue to Unchained, so if you are looking forward to that you should really check this one out too. Lots of world building and character development in Umbra that will be important in Unchained.

    Also, the next chapter of Umbra will be arriving soon. I have this

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  • 483 weeks

    Well that was fun :raritywink: Now on to the reason for my excitement. It's finished! "Luna Unchained" has a cover!

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Muahahaahahaahah!!!!! · 5:57pm Feb 14th, 2013

Well that was fun :raritywink: Now on to the reason for my excitement. It's finished! "Luna Unchained" has a cover!

I commissioned this beauty from Tprinces a while back and she just now finished it. I couldn't be happier with the end product.

In other news, The prologue for "Luna Unchained" is going to be published on its own as a three or four chapter prequel called "Luna In Umbra Est." The reason for this is that it is getting pretty long; I have no doubt that Umbra will end up being longer than 'Bolts by a wide margin. More critically, Umbra is going to demand a dark tag; which is something i don't think I will need for Unchained. I don't want to keep them together and then have Umbra set expectations I don't plan on living up to in Unchained. Tprincess also has given me a variant to the above picture to use as the cover for Umbra. So everything is falling into place.

I still can't toss out a hard date on Unchained or even Umbra at this point. I'm spinning a lot of plates right now and there are just no clear details to be had. I am thinking about even pausing my work on Umbra to crank out a little short story that has been bouncing around for a while. I am also still working on the revision of 'Bolts. I would love to get that featured on EqD before I publish Umbra. and 'Bolts is at least a week or so from being ready, so don't hold your breath on Umbra. The good news is that all this self betterment work is making me a better writer. Those secret weapons I mentioned a in a previous blog post are paying off.

Later jerks. I've got ponies to write. :raritywink:

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Am I... a jerk? :raritydespair:

826994 Yes. Death Note! I wanted use this scene

instead of flutter-cackle, but I couldn't find a video with just him writing all crazy... O well.

What do you think of the cover. Can you see it in the feature box for a week? Mhahahahaahahahahaahah!

(I'm allowed to dream.)

Dream big!
And Deathnote was awesome.
It started small and then... it became something more. That's the best I can do to describe it.

This looks great. I know some spoilers so I will shut up.

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