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  • 511 weeks
    Thanksgiving Weekend

    So Thanksgiving weekend was kind of awesome. I got to spend time with family that I haven't seen in ages along with my immediate family. I got to go on a bit of a road trip (with said immediate family) and eat at places I've never been (some pretty darned awesome places, in fact).

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  • 512 weeks
    Season Premiere's effects on Rise of the Legend (no spoilers, so don't worry)

    So as you may know, season 4 premiered today. As you also may know, Rise of the Legend is based in the past. Long, long ago in the past.

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  • 513 weeks

    I wouldn't be making this post if it was just a simple case of, "Oh, I started writing again." Whoopdee doo. I've done that plenty and published, what? Four chapters in total so far?

    Nope. I'm here to tell you that I'm back because I just finished the final revisions on Moon's Shadow Chapter 001. That means that, as soon as it's approved, you'll be able to see a link to it on my sidebar.

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  • 524 weeks
    Status as of 09/01/2013 @ 5:00 PM Eastern

    Remember when I said that I'd have the first chapter of the new story posted three weeks ago? Yeah... that was before everything went to heck... again.

    It seems to be a common pattern in my life, actually.

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  • 527 weeks
    Status as of 08/11/2013 @ 5:30 PM Eastern

    So I know I promised you guys that fic last week, but I sent it to some beta readers and they gave me some really good notes. Unfortunately, one of the beta readers got a little busy and couldn't give me his complete notes until today. I'll be working with the changes he suggested tomorrow and then I'll adjust it to be able to post it on FiMFiction (it's a Word document and so I obviously

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Status as of 06/10/2013 @ 10:00 PM Eastern · 2:05am Jun 11th, 2013

So the good news is that my computer is working, I'm catching up on my schoolwork, and I'm close to being back on my regular sleep schedule.

The bad news is no progress this past week, but that might change by next week, depending on how fast I can catch up with my schoolwork. There are a lot of things at home that I've neglected, too, and I need to work on those as well. These are generic things that I need to make sure get done, like making chicken stock (of course, I haven't had any chickens from which to make the stock in a while, so I guess maybe that can be excused) or crème fraiche, and I'm sure there are other things.

Also: I originally started this post at 6:30 PM Eastern, got to "crème fraiche," and then completely forgot that I never posted it. Whoops.

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