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My practical experience of ponification · 11:16am Jun 8th, 2013

Over the past month I've gained some practical first hand experience of what it's like to be turned into a pony. No, don't laugh. I serious. Kinda.

Last month I was getting ready to go to the monthly London brony meet when I slipped and fell onto hard concrete, and broke my hip. According to doctors I came within a few inches of a hip replacement. As things were I needed surgery, and was fitted with a dynamic hip screw. The long and the short of it is that I've only just been able to take a few short normal steps for the first time in four weeks.

So, speaking from actual personal experience, I can honestly say that...
*Having to learn to walk all over again sucks.
*Having to walk on all fours (via crutches) sucks.
*Having even one of your bones change shape sucks.
*Being unable to carry anything unless you hold it in your mouth sucks.
*Being unable to carry anything unless you tie it to your body sucks.
*When you're unable to leave your bed, being around patients like Screwball (and worse) is not nearly as much fun as it sounds.

But worst of all...
*Having to learn to go to the toilet in a whole new way really sucks.

On the other hand...
*Due to their medical specialisation I was actually able to help the doctors things with a minor mechanical engineering problem. Which was fun.
*Having purple skin, even temporarily, is awesome.
*Having a large and prominent mark on your thigh is also awesome.

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