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On TCB stories in general, and Zero Hour in particular · 4:58pm Apr 26th, 2014

A comment on TCB stories in general, and TCB - Zero Hour in particular

We all know the TCB stories, and why humanity might not want to be ponified, so authors can be forgiven for skipping over that, but Celestia is a pretty clever and eloquent individual. To have her rest her defense by simply saying that, "Humans can be mean sometimes" is inexcusable, and all too common.

She could have, and should have, stood and given chapter and verse, backed up by research and evidence, why she believed what she did, and why she believed she couldn't help them as humans. She could have started with fusion power. Controlling a star is difficult, but she knows how. But woudl we use the knowledge? Humanity has spent less than forty billion on the subject over the past 60 years. That's a pitiful amount of money, not even equal to a single year's military expenditure for any G8 nation. If we really wanted it, we'd have spent more. After a few hours of how humanity simply doesn't want to fix its own problems, but has a long sad history of wallowing in them - she could finished with the 1,000,000 people who die each year in Africa from HIV infections. New HIV infections. Condoms and other methods could drastically reduce that number, but humans simply refuse to use them. Nothing Celestia could do or offer would ever change that, and stop the death toll, and the cruelty, and the hate, and the suffering, except ponifacation...

Agree with her or not, think her a monster or not, but in an actual court room, give her a sodding chance to make her case...

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