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  • 584 weeks
    I just noticed...

    I've only just realized, five months after creating her, that my OC is pink and blue, and I'm transgender.

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  • 593 weeks
    I want to hug this version of Snails.

    While it's not exactly my headcanon for the character, this is just so completely touching to me.
    I admit I have a bias about this stuff, though.

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  • 606 weeks
    Wow, It Has Been FOREVER

    Edit: The first version of this blog post was pretty lame and, on second though, in bad taste. Let's do this again.

    So, wow. The last time I posted or interacted with anyone here was...how long ago?

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  • 619 weeks
    I Still Exist

    I'll be replacing my PC in about 30 days. Apologies to everyone I was supposed to have been helping this whole time. I'm working to get back here as fast as I possibly can.

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  • 627 weeks
    Gone for a Week

    This is just a quick heads-up to anyone wondering where I've gone off to (specifically, anyone for whom I'm supposed to be prereading/proofreading). Due to a very inconvenient job I've accepted for the summer months, I've been cut off from the web except via my cell phone at very late hours of the night. I'll be back a week from Monday; apologies for any problems this may cause.

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I just noticed... · 1:18am May 3rd, 2013

I've only just realized, five months after creating her, that my OC is pink and blue, and I'm transgender.

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Nice coincidence, or maybe it was your subconscious at some stage or another. Who knows?

I often wonder if I should have a signature personal OC. So far, I haven't.

The funny thing is, the cutie mark, a scale, was supposed to subtly represent my gender issues, by virtue of representing balance. So while consciously including a hint that I'm transgender, I apparently left a massive one subconsciously as well. :facehoof:

I designed her for a very specific reason. For the first year I was a brony, I had no OC and no reason to want one. I love her now that I have her, but she wouldn't exist if I'd never had a use for her.


I've wondered if I should make one, but my Twilight of 9 is a rather perfect fit in many ways. Still, maybe I should make one too.

How about that.

Also, your cutie mark is the exact same as a certain villain from my Saga, if that means anything. :rainbowwild:

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