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I just noticed... · 1:18am May 3rd, 2013

I've only just realized, five months after creating her, that my OC is pink and blue, and I'm transgender.

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I want to hug this version of Snails. · 8:41am Feb 28th, 2013

While it's not exactly my headcanon for the character, this is just so completely touching to me.
I admit I have a bias about this stuff, though.

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Wow, It Has Been FOREVER · 1:30am Nov 28th, 2012

Edit: The first version of this blog post was pretty lame and, on second though, in bad taste. Let's do this again.

So, wow. The last time I posted or interacted with anyone here was...how long ago?

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I Still Exist · 6:35pm Sep 2nd, 2012

I'll be replacing my PC in about 30 days. Apologies to everyone I was supposed to have been helping this whole time. I'm working to get back here as fast as I possibly can.

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Gone for a Week · 3:17am Jul 8th, 2012

This is just a quick heads-up to anyone wondering where I've gone off to (specifically, anyone for whom I'm supposed to be prereading/proofreading). Due to a very inconvenient job I've accepted for the summer months, I've been cut off from the web except via my cell phone at very late hours of the night. I'll be back a week from Monday; apologies for any problems this may cause.

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Why Pinkie Pie Fascinates Me · 1:27am Jun 22nd, 2012

Pinkie Pie is not my favorite character, but I do think she's the most interesting. What follows is a slightly revised version of a short essay I wrote for fun several months ago when I first entered this fandom, and recently rediscovered while cleaning up my hard drive. I understand that this topic has been done to death, but that doesn't make it any less fun to write about, especially when I was a newer brony and hadn't yet learned how overdone this is.

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A Rant Entirely Unrelated to Ponies · 10:02am Jun 20th, 2012

Everyone who knows me well knows I tend to rant, so here comes one about the first two hours of Okami: a video game I'm borrowing from a friend after being nagged for years by several people to play. Just skip this if you don't care. I won't begrudge you or anything; I know this is going to be huge, so I'll be sure to have a TL;DR at the bottom.

Okay, so I need someone to convince me to keep playing Okami.

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