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  • 139 weeks
    Concerning lack of updates and changes to chapter

    Having read through the current draft of the next Spider of Two World's chapter we've decided to push Mysterio back to the next chapter, feeling it's too early to have Trixie appear as Mysterio, and are in the midst of rewriting and reworking large parts of the chapter.

    You all have my deepest apology for the delays

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  • 288 weeks
    Election 2016

    The results are in and well Trump won. I wish I could say I'm happy but I can't, but the sun still rises and the world moves on. We've all heard the stories by now of friendships and marriages ended, of parents refusing to talk to their children and vice versa because of this. We've heard the talk about how she is this and he is that, about how if she or he is elected it's the end of the world.

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  • 377 weeks
    Poem: The Voice of Waverly Hills

    I had been outlining this for a long time but thanks to problems with the old and decrepit computer I'm using I have no choice but to post this here

    The Voice of Waverly Hills

    I hear them approaching in the distance.
    More Humans, do they come to learn?
    Or to humiliate me even more?
    Do they know that I have a voice?
    Do they know that I too have stories to tell?

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  • 394 weeks
    Lost Stories

    Bad news is my computer suffered a hard drive failure and I lost all of my edits on my Liberation War chapter so now I have to start all over. :pinkiesad2:

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  • 407 weeks
    Rainbow Rocks Villains

    The Dazzlers aka The Sirens....really you're going with a parady of the Sirens from Greek Mythology. Think about it, three girls who's voices alone seem to hypnotize people

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Accidental Troll Posts · 10:10am Apr 9th, 2013

It's come to my attention that I recentaly posted numerous posts of the same topic and lately I've been getting flak for them. I feel I owe an explination, I was typing too quckily and simply pressed the wrong buttons before the post was finished. My intent was to show previews for fanfics I have planned later one. I'm not a troll, and I've been trying to remove the errornous messaes as best I can. But since this was entierly my fault I feeel I own the entire FiMfiction.net community an apology for this mistake. So I like to take this operturnity to say I'm sorry to the FiMfiction.net community for this misunderstanding and hope this misunertanding doesn't affect my current work

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