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Election 2016 · 10:57pm Nov 9th, 2016

The results are in and well Trump won. I wish I could say I'm happy but I can't, but the sun still rises and the world moves on. We've all heard the stories by now of friendships and marriages ended, of parents refusing to talk to their children and vice versa because of this. We've heard the talk about how she is this and he is that, about how if she or he is elected it's the end of the world. All I can say is ENOUGH. The time has come to take down the signs, take off the hats and buttons, put away the bumper stickers and slogans, stop with the #_____lives matter, and #lockhim/her up, the time has come to stop the venom. The future is not written, and only time will tell how things turn out. Elections come and go, but a child having to watch their parents split up, or be disowned over something as trivial as a difference of opinion, watching two people who had been friends since childhood stop talking too each other because of something they have no control over, it's simply not worth it.
This thanksgiving if you made the mistake of ending a friendship or stopped talking to a love one over this, call them up and try to make amends. Tell your daughter that just because Clinton failed doesn't mean she shouldn't try.

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Good on you for saying this. It needed to be said

In the end there's nothing we can really do about the results, and to be fair I figured Trump would win based on the fact it's rare that the ruling party gets the white house for more then two terms (the last time it happened was Reagan and Bush 41), and people like to say there's nothing to compare this election to there is: the Election of 1948: The media called the election for Tom Dewey from the moment his campaign began, sighting Truman's unpopularity and the Dixiecrat Revolt, and Dewey didn't even try, avoided controversial issues and acted like he was already President while Truman barnstormed across the country, giving speeches, meeting voters, calling Dewey and the Republicans names, and in the end Truman won because Dewey Voters stayed home or defected. The same thing happened in this campaign only in reverse. Once again the Media called the Election early, and Clinton at times acted like she wasn't even trying, while Trump went all out.

If you want to protest them fine, go ahead it's your right just keep your emotions under control, because now Trump will have no choice but to listen to the other side because he has a Republican Controlled Congress that doesn't like him. But for me like I've said I've had enough of the hashtags, the fights, the insults, and the bigotry both sides of this election have shown.


Didn't know all that. I suppose this is what happens when you underestimate your opponent.

What really angered me was that people were getting violent over it. He isn't even in office yet. At the VERY ABSOLUTE LEAST, Save the violence for when he actually does something that effects us all.

This is what happens when you feel you don't even have to try. Obama and Bush 43 still went outside their comfort zones, they met with the voters of the other side and won them over, Hillary did none of that, she didn't go to small towns, or visit factories, or farms, she stayed on College Campuses, and for many it made her seem like she didn't care about their concerns.

Yeah I hate the fact violence broke out, but I was expecting protests, some violent, no matter who won, but I can also understand a lot of why they're protesting, they like to say it's because Hillary got the Popular Vote, but the truth is many of them are simply scared because of the rhetoric Trump used, and his seeming willingness to allow his supporters to get away with what ever they want, and his seeming willingness to disregard the 6th Amendment (Right to a Fair and Impartial Trial) just to throw Hillary in jail.


Hilary was sloppy in that regard.

And I do know that people are scared but this is out of hand

And Trump can calm a lot of these fears by simply addressing them, his backers want to say Hillary and the Democrats should do it. But Hillary's thrown in the towel, and even said Trump deserves the benefit of the doubt, and Obama said the same thing. Trump can't run from the rhetoric he used anymore, he needs to address the fear it unleashed, because now there is only one person left he can blame for his mistakes: Himself. I've always said the future isn't written and only time will tell what kind of President Trump will be, and so far with some of his appointments he's proving the fears of the protesters justified


How do you think this is all going to turn out?

Only time will tell, all we can do is take things one day and one step at a time, the sun still rises and sets and the world still turns. But I agree with Hillary and Obama that he deserves a chance to lead.

The sun still rose on September 12th 2001, it still rose on September 4th 1939, it still rose on December 8th 1941, it still rose on August 5th 1914. All we could do at those times was carry on the best we could, and face the uncertainty of the future with determination that we wouldn't give into despair and hopelessness


I wonder if those two really meant that

As Churchill said. Keep calm and carry on.

Personally I think they did, because they didn't want a repeat of the Election of 2000, and maybe they felt like I do, that there's been enough devisive rhetoric

Keep calm and carry on is really all we can do: Trump maybe a great president, he maybe an average president, he maybe a terrible president, he may end up impeached, we just don't know what the future holds, and it's best that it stay that way.


This song more then anything sums up my views on this election, and why my faith in America has never wavered even when it seems like we should give up


Hopefully that is the case.

Except some of us aren't keeping calm.

I'll watch that video once I get a proper computer with internet.

Humanity had survived calamities time and time again, and something tells me it will survive more to come. In my eyes; the only thing that can truly destroy humanity is when humans refuse to be reasonable. If we cannot reason with one another we are on a terminal path of self destruction

It's hard not to feel scared, all we can do is hope for the best and remember that Trump will still be bound by the Constitution's checks and balances and if he gets too far out of line he'll likely face impeachment


Indeed. Hopefully people will remember this and know it will be alright

The same goes for anyone he nominates, they will still be bound by the checks and balances of the Constitution, and right now the best way to handle things is to flood Trump's e-mail, and twitter accounts with reminders that as President he and his appointees answer to all of us, not just his supporters, and now that he's president-elect it's his duty...no his responsibility to address the fears and uncertainty many of us feel about him, and his Twitter Rants about conspiracies by the media, the Democrats etc. are no longer going to cut it, and that what ever his supporters do, and what ever he says are now his fault and his fault alone because he is our leader now and his mistakes will be reflected on our nation.
Since hashtags seem to be so popular I've got my own


I hope if he doesn't know that already he learns quickly. I believe Mike Pence went to view something ( don't ask me what) and a lot of people boo'd him. His response was "do you hear that? That's what Democracy sounds like" that gave me a bit of hope.

I've never actually used a hashtag

He went to see the play hamilton, and yes that quote did give me some hope.

Believe it or not there are actually three things that I agree with Trump on.
1. We have become too politically correct (ex. the Border, we constantly talk about the need to secure the border but we're either too scared of offending someone to bring up the idea that the source of the illegal immigration problem isn't in the US, the source is a stagnant and strict social, political, and economic hierarchy in Mexico that is both openly racist and openly classist, and has reduced much of the population to second class status, and until that changes the illegal immigration will only increase wall or no wall) I'm trying to become a teacher of American and World History and I hate the very thought of diluting our history in the name of patriotism or political correctness
2. The Infrastructure: I live in Cincinnati Ohio and our bridges are disasters waiting to happen, we have ports and airports that haven't been updated in decades, roads that are falling apart, and railroads in dire need of replacing
3. Jobs: We need to bring jobs back, especally jobs that benefit the inner cities
That said while I agree with him on these three things. The venom filled rhetoric on both sides needs to stop


Most of the U.S believes that we are too "politically correct" eventually this will die down. Part of the reason Hilary lost is that people are tired of hearing leftist people barking the words "Bigot, Misogynist, racist, xenophobic, Islamophobia," around all the time. Half my family is Liberal and even they're sick of it.

I didn't know conditions were like that. Yikes. I always liked World History, it was the one class I remember sincerely enjoying.

We always need jobs.

I'm incline to agree that the constant cries of _____ism, and the constant broadbrushing on social media, and the actual of everyone who is African-American as a thug and criminal, and everyone who is white as a ignorant bigot, helped Trump edge out a win, and because so many people have cried wolf we're now more then wiling to ignore real acts of discrimination just because someone's feelings might get hurt


I've gotten so sick of it I sometimes write off anyone who uses the word biggot or misogynist as a leftist fanatic, and I know that's not at all true

that's what I'm more concerned about then anything, people have cried wolf so many times, that when actual discrimination, rape, and sexual harassment occur there's little chance the mainstream public will believe it and work to stop it.


Remembering that the world is almost never black and white is a challenge I face almost all the time. Hopefully all this uproar will be quelled before things get really bad.

Trump was sworn in, he's been on the job for three days and the world still turns like it always does, the sun still rose on January 21st, the Capital still stood and life goes on. Now we argue about numbers about people attending the inauguration, but that doesn't matter, nor should it be an issue. Who cares if he got a crowd of 1, 000,000 or just some guy in a wheel chair, that's not what should matter. What should matter is what I agree with him on (and I hate his guts at this point) I agree we need jobs, especally in the inner cities, and we need infrastructure more then a border wall.

The point is now that he's got the job he's got to do it. Will he be a great president, an average president, or a bad president only time will tell. America has had Great Presidents (Abraham Lincoln), corrupt Presidents (Warren G. Harding), Vicious Presidents (Andrew Jackson), and idiot Presidents (Andrew Johnson), we've had three Presidents win the Electoral Vote but lose the popular vote (Rutherford B. Hayes, George W. Bush, and Donald Trump) hell we even had one ex-President (John Tyler) branded a traitor for joining the Confederacy during the civil war, but the one thing that we've always done is endure as best we can, and we will survive Trump.


I'm glad to hear a voice of reason here on FIM. One of my friends has said many times he will leave for Canada and it drives me insane.

I've heard that a lot also and I've always seen running off to Canada as taking the easy way out of a tough situation. Running off to Canada doesn't change anything, and all it does is rob the opposition of one more vote and voice and increases the majority's power. Muhammad Ali didn't run off to Canada when faced with jail time for refusing to be drafted, he stood his ground and took it, and showed everyone how unfair the draft was. Dr. King didn't run off to Canada when he was faced with violent retaliation and potential failure (the Albany Movement) he soldiered on, and endured.

Elections are lost all the time by one party or another every time, and movements and marches fail more often then succeed. But a loss doesn't become failure until we stop trying and start running away from the problem. Like I said before just because Hillary lost, doesn't mean some other woman shouldn't try, Obama got to be President because he tried and earned it, not because he acted like it should be handed to him on a silver platter the way Trump and Hillary did.


You really should say this to everyone. People need to hear the truth, if it's painful, it's probably the most important.

In less then a week my faith in Trump as a reasonable person has completely evaporated, so has my faith in him as a leader. Ben Franklin once said "those who trade freedom for security deserve neither for themselves" and with these executive orders and tweets he's put out I feel we're doing just that trading our freedom for security we don't need, and if it was Obama there'd be calls in the Congress and on the streets for his impeachment. But I am starting to see a double standard: Trump does exactally what he accuses Obama and Clinton of doing, and he gets called a Patriot, rather then have cries for his arrest. Trump gets criticized for a bad decision he calls the media traitors and sicks his pack of ravenous wolves on them.

Sometimes I wonder when I look at the flag does it stand for the same ideals it did in 1776? The ideals of freedom, justice, and equality, is it the same flag that was planted on Mt. Surabachi symbolizing the triumph of freedom over tyranny? or did we sell our nation's soul to the devil for an AR-15, a wall we don't need, and just to give the middle finger to the so called "establishment?" and to make Papaw (as we say in Ohio) feel better, and now the devil is coming to collect on it. A saying I have is Rome cheered the day Caligula ascended to the throne. In the end if we desire anyone to blame....all we have to do is look in the mirror. We, the American People, made our choice now we'll have to pay the price for it.


A lot of things have changed in America, I don't know how much or how little, but America has changed. People are trying to appose him in the RIGHT way now. Not just protesting in the streets and crying, people are trying to stop his travel ban and other actions. We're trying to put a stop to it in a proper way now, all is not bleak.

The problem is he refuses to listen, and just goes on doing what ever he likes because "the majority" supports him. Here's the thing the majority isn't always right, and there is such a thing as "tyranny of the majority." I keep hearing people say they only voted for Trump because they didn't want Hillary to win. All I can say to that is this, you can only make that excuse so much before I have to say that you're in denial about making a huge mistake. All I can say now is this Trump says we're safer because of his travel ban, well I don't feel safer, in fact I'm dreading the retaliation


I actually am no more afraid than I was before. My life is how it always was. I question his tactics and don't approve of a lot, but for me, I don't start seriously complaining until my life is effected. Is that just ignorance?

A lot of this is the historian in me talking, and part of the reason I feel unsafe is because the stuff Trump has proposed and done have a tendency to become permanent and also to keep escalating, and the longer it gets ignored the worse the end result will be. Part of the reason I've now hold nothing but contempt and outrage for Trump is because I hate seeing entire races, religions, political affiliations, sexes, sexual orientations, and nationalities singled out and punished as a whole for what a few have done, and I've felt that what Trump has done is a shot right at the heart of what made America, America to begin with, our creed that All Men Are Created Equal, and the idea that the Constitution applies to everyone who lives within our borders regardless of immigration status.


Did Trump really single out ALL Muslims or people from the Middle East? I could be wrong, but he's only done this to a few countries in the Middle East.
And Washington and Sam Adams had slaves did they not? That never really sounded like All men are created equal.

The way they've been worded and the fact only Muslim majority countries were affected, with no regards as to whether or not they're our allies, or if our citizens, soldiers, or people who have cleared the vetting process are now trapped there, and the singling out of refugees fleeing the Syrian Civil War for a permanent ban are why so many, including myself feel that the orders are targeting people biased solely on national origin and religion.

Yes guys like Washington and Jefferson owned slaves, yet they came to detest the institute of Slavery as a whole, but believed it would eventually die out due to economics (which didn't happen with the introduction of the Cotton Gin), and actually there was a bill introduced early in the Westward Expansion that would've banned Slavery west of the Appalachian Mountains, but it failed by one vote, and there were abolition movements in the South during the Early post-Revolution period until about the early 1800s. I suggest reading a book called Vindicating the Founders (it was a book I was assigned to read during a Political Science Class), which makes the argument that the Founders did indeed mean what they said in the Deceleration of Independence but in the end got cold feet when it came time to put it into practice, instead opting to allow history to take its course, and hope for the best, and many Liberal and Conservative interpretations of the Founders are more misunderstandings or out right exaggerations of what the Founders did and intended then actual history


I don't remember which countries he put the ban on. Were there some of our citizens there, were they out allies?

And I'll definitely look the book up. If it really does show they wanted mean All Men to be equal that would really bring my view of history in a new light

Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Sudan, those are the ones I can remember off the top of my head, and we have troops in Iraq and Syria who are supporting anti-ISIS and Iraqi government forces, who are now in more danger, as well as aid workers, students visiting relatives, contractors, and missionaries who are all now trapped


It's honestly shocked the ban is in place while out own are left in foreign land.

The courts struck it down, but I will say this in three weeks I've never been so ashamed to call myself American, and I'm someone who has always taken pride in his country regardless of what the rest of the world says. Trump keeps saying security was his motivation, well Ben Franklin once said "Those who trade liberty for security deserve neither for themselves." I wonder when did the wisdom of our Founders matter less then what was written by Trump in The Art of the Deal, when did the Second Amendment matter more then any other amendment including the First? When did the right of some guy in the middle of no where to own an AR-15 assault rifle matter more then the right of 20 children to live? When did we become so afraid of the world that we now want to cower behind a wall. The America I know doesn't run from challenges, and doesn't cower behind walls when faced with problems.


At the very least the rest of the government kept things in check.

Thing is he's about to issue a new ban, and like the one tied up in court he's probably consulted no one but Steve Bannon, aka the Alt-Right guy he trusts more then anyone. He didn't consult the intelligence community, the military, the National Security Council, Congressional Leaders, or anyone about this he just went ahead and did it, and well he also declared the media the "enemy of the American people," and was cheered. We like to think that they're going to come for our guns first, that's almost never the case with demagogues and dictators, they go after the media and the schools first, and once they've silenced any opposition then they're free to disarm the population because by then everyone who would have spoken up against them is either too afraid to do so, or is towing the line, and the people will surrender personal firearms willingly


Personally, I don't really like the media. I'm all for free speech and speaking your mind, yet I've I feel all news have at least some agenda to push.

If it's any consolation Bannon was removed from the NSC, and the military and intelligence people were restored. As much as I hate to say it, and had prayed it never came to this, I actually approve of his decision to hit the Syrian Military after the chemical attack because after that Assad has shown he's just as bad as IS and has no problem with gassing his own people just because they happen to live in a pro-Rebel city, something Saddam also did. While I still despise Trump for his travel ban, domestic policies and the border wall, Assad has to learn that just because Russia is backing him doesn't give him a blank check, and I hope seeing just how bad things are for the Syrian people and why they want to leave changes his heart, and a lot of other hearts here in America, on allowing Syrian Refugees who pass the vetting process into the US, or increasing US aid to Syrian refugee camps, because no one deserves to have to live in an area where the choices are a dictator that fully intends to punish those who oppose him, even if they just lived in the area or that part of the city but had nothing to do with either side, as brutally as possible and a terrorist group that has no qualms about genocide against those who don't follow their faith to a letter.


I believe it was time for action. Perhaps some, but there was another terrorist attack I remember hearing about, if this can change people's hearts, it will be dampened by that

I heard about the truck being driven into a crowd in Sweden. Thing I've noticed is ISIS is about to loose Mosul and their self-proclaimed Capital of Raqqa is surrounded so their doing anything to get propaganda, and draw in recruits and Trump's rhetoric and the rise of Islamophobia in Europe, and their promise of restoring the old Ottoman/Islamic Empires of the past (forgetting that they were actually tolerant and accepting of other faiths) is what they want to appeal to. Part of the problem is that people forget all faiths, Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, and others have dark sides in their history and bad seeds (i.e. Fanatics who put faith and ideology above another human beings' right to live) but I hate the idea that all followers of a faith are broad brushed by the actions of a single church or the few that follow groups like ISIS, and that dark side is what the media wants to focus on.


I've seen more of the media trying to defend Islam

It's been over a year now, and between my last post and today, I have no more doubt to give, and I can no longer in good conscious support Trump as President nor any Republican Candidate for Congress who simply tows the line and pretends everything is great. He's disgraced our country, and our soldiers, put our troops and diplomats in unnecessary danger, humiliated our people in front of the entire world, refuses to listen to those who do care about our nation choosing instead to listen only to those who give him praise and support him without question, given pardons and free passes to those who have embraced the very ideology my grandfather gave up three years of his life, and many more of our countrymen gave their lives to bring down, and were all too willing to point guns at the police and threaten to kill them, while condemning football players for kneeling for the anthem.
The Republicans and Conservatives have shown they care only about protecting Trump from facing the consequences of his mistakes, and Trump has shown himself to be a coward: Refusing to go anywhere he's not guaranteed a sold out cheering crowd who adores him, allowing Putin to lead him around like a dog on a leash, refusing to condemn his base for crossing the line time and time again. Left or Right, Black or White, Immigrant or Native Born, we're all Americans, it's time we started acting like it once again

What put the diplomats in danger?
What in particular disgraced the country?
Who in particular are you speaking of that cares for the country?
The ideology? And pardons for what?
When did anyone other than one of the extremists of the left threaten an officer of the law as of recent? Would have thought that would have been easy to find and hear of.
Putin lead him? I've seen them not butting heads and locking horns but that doesn't mean he's being lead. What gives that notion?
Oh please I've seen a number of Republicans clash with Trump.
Refusing to condemn his base? What has been the recent crossing of the line?
What makes an American is you love this country and what it stands for, accept free speech, want the nation and its people to prosper. I'm saddened to say that from what I've seen from some of nuts out there that call for violence that this is not true in all of us. And those that follow them are either just as bad or are just as gullible Useful Idiots,

A lot of what I said is me venting my frustrations at what I've seen on the news lately, especially with what I feel has been a double standard.
The Disgraces I've been referring too are the heavy handed border measures, especially family separation, and the failure of the government to give adequate aid to Puerto Rico in the wake of Hurricane Maria, and the Supreme Court upholding the travel and refugee bans
What I was talking about with diplomats and soldiers being put in danger is Jerusalem being recognized as Isreal's capital and the moving of the US Embassy there, tensions between Israelis and Palestinians were already nearing the boiling point, and the timing of this has thrown gasoline onto the fire, and what I fear is a repeat of Benghazi or 1979 which could escalate quickly into a full blown region wide war.
Members of Cliven Bundy's Militia were pardoned or found not guilty of their actions in Oregon, and during their stand offs they threatened to shoot any officer who tried to remove them. The ideology I was referring too, has been the uptick in pro-Nazi and White Nationalist sentiment, and more and more people showing up at these rallies armed not because they fear counter-demonistrators but because they want to scare people into being silent, I'm only bringing it up because of what happened in Charlettesville and Trump's response to it.
With Putin while I'm glad we're not locking horns, I once again have to point to a double standard, the heavy handed criticism of our allies and trading partners, yet little to no criticism of Putin's own heavy handed tactics against dissidents, his actions in the Crimea and Ukraine, or addressing the issue of possible election meddling
As for the base, I once again have to point to the border and the heavy handed tactics being employed and the high approval ratings among Republican voters, lately I've felt people seem to care more about how severe the punishment is as oppose to what the crime was, and more are wiling to accept the broad brushing of ethnic groups and religions.
As for the Republicans who have criticized him, I'm glad they have shown the back bone to do so. The problem is too few are speaking out, especially voters.
My brother and me were once discussing some of these issues, and we said the difference between a Patriot and a Nationalist is a Patriot accepts that his/her nation isn't perfect, and works to correct the mistakes and doesn't let the mistakes of the past, or the past itself define him/her. The Nationalist sees no flaws in their country and anyone who tries to point them out is automatically the enemy. I can't, nor will I stop someone from flying a Confederate Flag on their own property, nor can I stop someone from sending a racist rant on the internet. But with each day that goes by I feel the nuts and their follows grow more and more emboldened and more and more wiling to use violence, I fear we're abandoning our principles because of the paranoid delusions of those who see their heritage as under siege, and those who have let their emotions run away with them.
I pray to god that I'm in the end proven wrong and what I've written in my last two posts are indeed nothing more then the rants of someone blowing off steam after becoming frustrated with what he has seen on the news

The only double standard i’ve seen of the media is them giving slack to the opponents of Trump and over criticizing his supporters. The media and news have shown time and time again to not tell the whole truth or even anything remotely true.
Family separation is required due to laws. While it doesn’t say in words you have to separate families, one part of a law states that children have to be kept in a low level security facility, meaning they can’t be held with their parents assuming they weren’t being trafficked. Then another states that they cannot be released except to a blood relative, and tracking down a blood relative is no easy task especially if there are so many. If they cannot release them then the government is required by the law to keep the children until they can release them. If Trump kept the families together he would be in violation of the law.
I don’t know much off the bat on the situation with Puerto Rico but I believe I heard he did give them aid I don’t know how much or how little it was.
I believe the travel ban is only on the countries where the most terrorism is coming from.
Israel is out ally. We don’t cower and let them be threatened. We don’t kiss up to the Islamic Middle East just to avoid conflict with them. Jerusalem belongs to the Jews, Israel belongs to the Jews. Some in the Middle East can be negotiated with, some can be reasonable. Palestine is not one of them. They hate the Jews to their core. Israel has tried many a time to compromise with their neighbor, even giving them deals that were far too generous. During his presidency, Bill Clinton had talked about a negotiation meeting between Israel’s leader at the time and Palestine’s leader at the time. He had said that Palestine’s leader said no to every proposal Israel made and that Israel tried hard to reach common ground for peace. Palestine can only be fended off with force, make them know we aren’t fucking around; that this is how it is and there will be be a fantasy world of theirs without the Jewish people. Trump is doing what should have been done long ago, standing up to those bastards and letting then know the west will appease them no longer!
Mistrial. Prosecutors withheld Jew evidence from defense layers. That is a no no I American courts. Perhaps if they play by the book then a proper conclusion would have come, but they f’ed that up.
Nationalism and white supremacy are the cause of all the actions of the left. Yelling “Racism” does not make a person stop being racist, it only alienated them and keeps them how they are. The left has called its opponents Nazi’s and has become more and more extreme as days go on. People are leaving the Left more and more the more extreme they become. In Europe Right spectrum parties have been winnin and it is because of what the Left has done to Europe. The way things have been going it’s no wonder that people have developed an ‘it’s us against them’ attitude. They’ve seen what all the Left has done to Europe and they want none of it here. As for defending them, the only time I heard of that from the news was when he condemned both sides and refused to say just the Alt-Right was bad. He did the right thing and said both were in the wrong while the Left tries to defend Antifa and other thuggish sorts.
Thing is, Trump has more to see eye to eye with Putin than our allies. The way they run their countries is different due to the strong Left presence and their personal opinion of Trump is not too good. Putin’s Russia is more conservative than any of our allies and he has a ‘Russia First’ way of thinking, this is like Trump’s policy of putting us first before anyone else. Plenty of our allies have spoke their disapproval of Trump and he remembers this well, what some of them have done to their respective countries he can use against them because it is their fault. As for the election meddling, show me the proof. There has been an investigation going on for quite a while now, either there is nothing to find or those in charge are incredibly incompetent. All the sources say we were hacked, then for god sake show us the proof, shouldn’t be that hard, want to be believed then back it up.
We wanted heave action at the border. They were sick of kid gloves being used on immigration policies and wanted our border laws to be enforced. Crossing the border is illegal, plain and simple.
People aren’t speaking out because they like him. The economy has improved greatly under him, unemployment has gone down dramatically, Stocks have improved greatly. Trump has brought prosperity and a welcome change to what was. His approval by the people has only increased.
A true American patriot, Nationalist, whatever. Is always loyal to America, when under Obama, Republicans didn’t go off saying they would leave the nation and all this crap. They never turned on America the way so many Leftists seem to. People are sick of the Anti-American attitude of the Left and so they adopt the opposite attitude. Most if approached with civility and told of the problems of the nation would agree and want to find a solution, they’re like this only because they want to be as far away from the Left as possible because as said before they’re sick of it.

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