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  • 388 weeks
    Random Blog

    I didn't want this to be lost in the ether of the Internet so I made a blog about it.

    Favorite ponies: Applejack, Luna, Lyra , Twilight

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  • 417 weeks
    Birthday Blog!

    So I pretty much spent my entire birthday on my bum eating grilled kiolbasa slathered in onions, pickles, and deli mustard while grinding a few new tanks in a tank game. Yes, that tank game. Not a bad birthday on a very limited budget.

    Didn't have anyone on my behind or anything for anything. And if they tried, I would have just laughed.

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  • 430 weeks

    So...I've decided against my better judgement to collaborate on an Applejack fic.

    Mainly because I'm horrible at planning stuff. Let's see how far I can go before my mind implodes!

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    Forum Mafia

    Usually when I have free time and I'm not playing games, I'm involved in a forum mafia game. Since my first one, I've become addicted to them. They can be fun as hell, but they can also give me unnatural headaches. I still wouldn't stop playing them for the world.

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    Awesome Apple Theory!

    So having some free time I found myself surfing the web and came across this article:

    Four Reasons Why The Apple Family Secretly Controls Equestria by Cereal Velocity on EQD.

    And it is awesome! It also explains a lot. Well, at least in my head.

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April Fools Blog · 9:48pm Apr 1st, 2013

[08:06]So....first blog, hopefully last.

I think I just need to stay away from everything today. Which is possible because I won't be discharged until tomorrow. Unless this doctor has humor(I suspect not).

Even an android is limited in commenting.

I can't wait til new chapters are up! Horray for modern medication!

This is what my phone has to say:

The I have to say about this topic of discussion on a new job is going well with you on your computer to see if I had a good idea of what you are looking to get a free shopping at best and

[15:31]That's where I stopped hours ago. My doctor did have a wicked sense of humor and discharged me earlier. Back on my laptop. Huzzahhh!

Meds for today wearing off and I still find myself drawn back to this site today for all the jocularity and joke chapters. It started with that king guy's post....and escalated from there.

I find this golden whistle next to my name and have no clue what it's for and makes me want to experiment.

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