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  • 564 weeks

    So recently I have noticed that my newest story is getting more thumbs down than thumbs up. Now I know a couple of those might just be people who don't read the but for those of you who did read it, maybe you can explain to me why you didn't like it? I would appreciate any feedback you could give me so I can improve my stories to satisfy your reader munchies. :)

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  • 565 weeks
    Story is up.

    So I changed my mind on how I am going to post this story. I have the first six chapters up. Enjoy! (Or not. Whatever floats your clouds.)

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  • 566 weeks
    To be Bold! (Update!)

    Three chapters done, averaging about seven thousand words a chapter. Let me just say this, it is not what you think.

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  • 568 weeks
    To be Bold!

    Just giving you the title of my latest story. Expect it to be finished after summer. Hopefully by then I will have a place to stay and a job.

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  • 569 weeks
    Finally finished!

    Yes, I have finished the last of the final story in the series! Thank you to everyone who has been so patient with me and my lack of internet connection. :)

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Bam! · 1:17am Mar 26th, 2013

Okay so I got the first eight chapters of the latest story up there. I decided to put it up half finished because it is almost at 100,000 words. So keep a weathered eye on the horizon for new chapters! :D

Also, some people have told me they don't know where the story truly begins so let me fix that.

1. Whirl Wind & Sonic Flare in: Nightmare Night

2. Quest for the Holy Gr--- Tea Cup

3. This Means War!

4. When Will it End?

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