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Good day to you! I am a teenage writer who spends WAY too much time on the PC. I am a lone, nocturnal, British brony. I write and I love it!

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  • 377 weeks

    As I write this now, I have a new chapter of Aliens: Consuming Equestria open and I intend to finish it. Also, I will doing lots of chapters after that as well, but unlike before, I will not be releasing them on a continuous basis. I have a long summer holiday ahead of me and this is the period of time in which I intend to finish the whole thing. I will then release chapters of a series of days,

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  • 406 weeks

    Already I have made good on my promise. That's two chapters in two days, though I don't think we can expect any more before the 6th, which is when my holiday ends.

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  • 408 weeks
    Merry Christmas! + a promise!

    It's that time of year again, and I hope everyone is having a blast today. Everything's going smoothly here and everyone's happy about the feast we are about to devour. So, Merry Christmas everyone!

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  • 437 weeks

    I have a few chapters coming along, and a few new story ideas. I am also TRYING DESPERATELY to drop the third person style writing. It is haunting me. I feel like I get less detail in stories with third person than I could with first person. So from now on, I will be writing Amnesia: Helping You Forget in first person. I may also go through Amnesia: Forget Your Past and rework some of the

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  • 444 weeks
    Daniel's Rambling Rants No. 2: TCB

    I actually like the whole concept, simply because I wouldn't go through with it and would stay on Earth and be a loner. I would absolutely relish the freedom of being able to do anything without much concequence. Of course, I would miss my family and would swear revenge on Celestia for wrecking humanity. That is when my dream weapon 'Bella' (war in latin) comes into play. It is a double chained,

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What Should I Do? · 3:23pm Feb 22nd, 2013

I am still working on chapters of my other two fics, but after Aliens: Colonial Marines (which I think was pretty good by the way. It may not have been up to standard, but me and the lads have been having a right smash on it!) I am extremely tempted to write an Aliens crossover. What do you think?

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Go for it:twilightsmile:

I always wondered what would prophet from crysis 3 would look like a pony maybe a Alicorn in suit form! :raritystarry:

854889 I'm gonna go for it! :pinkiehappy:

854973 I have written the first draft of the plot, but beware as it is extremely grim! I may get some hate from this fic... BUT WHO CARES?! :pinkiecrazy:

Niiice, I look forward to it. Currently I'm pounding my way through the fifth chapter of Revelations, so look out for that later. :rainbowwild:


855015 I know... but we play it anyway.


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