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    OC Pottery

    Pear had to stop, to think and wonder
    As an alpha wolf tore his ass asunder
    How he made such an awful blunder
    Underneath the starry sky.

    "What say you?" to the wolf, he said
    As the beast made his anus spread
    Alas, no reply, but growling instead,
    Red was dripping down his thigh.

    Some time later, the Pear was done.
    The Big Bad Wolf had had his fun
    No longer in any fit state to run

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    dr pavel

    im cia

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Hi · 4:59pm Feb 4th, 2013

I decided that as seen as there's this blog thing I might as well use it, so here we go. I'm writing a story but Pear's a dick and he randomly started a new one on his own and now chapter production has gone down beause of it so I'm angry at him. I'm a generally angry person so I'm already mental and the save derpy thing got me more angry. To round everything off, I'm angry and Pear's a nobhead. I hope you see this Pear.

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797682 You deserve a floppy penis in your pork scratchings.

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