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  • 379 weeks
    season 3 finale

    omygosh, it was the most amazing thing. never thought i would enjoy an official episode more then a fanfic, being fanfics are more open to long adventures and stuff lie drunk humor and other things the show simply can't use, but that last episode was just perfect.

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  • 382 weeks
    alicorn twilight!!

    Now we just need some Alicorn Twilight X Luna X Celestia fics :scootangel:

    5 comments · 257 views
  • 409 weeks
    One million words-WOW

    More of a note to myself, not sure why anypony else would be checking out my blog entries. but some achievements are in order:

    one million words: 7/20/2012

    How many points do i receive?

    i just want to thank all the writers of the work i have read to reach this milestone and say i enjoy each and every work. not that they will ever read this. still it is good to write something down here.

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alicorn twilight!! · 4:20am Jan 30th, 2013

Now we just need some Alicorn Twilight X Luna X Celestia fics :scootangel:

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Comments ( 5 )

Yes. Alicorn Twilight. Isn't it great? I actually can't wait for the finale, because Twilight's gonna be a princess!

that is quite true... :ajsmug:

though I bet that there was some already, just very hard to find. :pinkiesmile:

771274 unless they fuck up and move her away to rule an empire. though hasbro will probably get ridiculed for forgetting it's "friendship is magic" and simply move her back with something cheesy like "i should have never moved you away from the rest of the elements" -celestia

771279 yes and it's not like i am totally responsible or anything. not like i run some group or anything.:derpytongue2: I have looked long and hard. it's hard as hell to find them!!!

771298 I have assisted on little parts... though not much, but still.:twilightsheepish:

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