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  • 458 weeks
    My opinion on the finale

    It is definitely my least favorite finale so far. The beginning had a lot of plot holes, and the ending was very rushed. The songs were amazing though. Those songs kept this episode from being shit. I'm giving it a 7/10 for now. I say for now because I'm waiting to see how the season 4 opener addresses things. If they answer the more grueling questions I'll raise it to an eight.

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  • 459 weeks
    25 hours till the end of days

    Sorry I haven't been on a lot these last two weeks guys. Works been keeping me busy and I'm getting close to finishing chapter 3.

    Alright, enough horsing around. Are you guys excited for tomorrow morning? I'm super excited myself. I just can't wait to hear all the awesome songs! Make sure to leave a reply in the comments box!

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  • 461 weeks
    Well crap

    Okay I gotta say this image makes feel all kinds of uneasy... Hopefully this doesn't mean that FIM will become the "Twilight Sparkle and friends" show. I swear if the "Unicorns are best because magic" freaks show up because of this I am gonna have a tissy.

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  • 461 weeks
    Destiny and other things

    I hate stories about destiny. Because it essentially means that everything you ever achieved in life means nothing, because it was going to happen no matter what. It means that no matter how much you want to special you can't just work toward it. It means that if destiny doesn't want you to do anything great with your life, then you won't. That's pretty much the only thing that is currently

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  • 462 weeks
    I'm kind of scared, but I trust them!

    Despite everything I am kind of scared that Twilight will become Goku level OP. But, despite everything that's happened I trust the staff. They gave us one of the best TV shows ever! They have earned our trust and until the show is dead I will continue to trust them to bring us quality programming! Heck, I bet next season all of the mane six will get some important role! You know what... they

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Change Your Mind so that you can Try Try Try · 1:05am Jan 24th, 2013

FlutterSky15's stories are just amazing and you should check them out!

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