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2012: A Review in Writing · 3:37am Jan 7th, 2013

Because it's good to keep track of things.

Fanfics reviewed through /fic/: 39

Stories Started:
Ice & Fire
Feeding the Five Thousand
Teatime for Celestia
The Wonderful Wizard of Ox
Touhou Umaterasu
The Legend of Profusion Charms, or How I Learned to Play the Drums

Stories Completed:
Behind Those Blue Eyes (6178)
Party Rock (5742)
I Ci What You Did Der (2628)
For The Love of All (4507)
Nighthood (5086)
Knot On My Watch (4108)
The Confession of Clyde Pie, Prince of Rock (1753)
The Life and Times of an Honest Pony (4073)
Pipsqueak the Valiant's Adventure Journal! (5595)
Diaries of a Dragonborn (56838)

Yeah, that last post about me thinking I haven't written anything? I was wrong.

Also, I did well over 1500 words yesterday writing up reviews for this week's Seattle's Angels feature. For reference, Stephen King advocates writing at least 2000 words a day. But I don't think it really translates...

Funnily enough, most of what's in the completed list was a result of joining the Write-Offs. Just goes to show that deadlines do help in getting things done.

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Comments ( 3 )

I know that there are some detractors to the write-offs, but it's really hard to argue against the results, forcing yourself to sit at the keyboard and just create. Having a fire lit underneath your ass certainly helps as well.

You have helped me out a lot (Two of those fics reviewed are mine. haha.) and I thank you.

Yeah, deadlines can either motivate you to work more, or just make you skip them nand work whenever you want.

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