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Speech 2 · 2:57am January 22nd


In all my life I never thought I would get at least 100+ followers.... well because i'm a stranger... A nobody... ya know... Well at 163 is still good to me... I like to thank all of you for the support and critic about my stuff... it's just that I like all of you!!!!!!!!!!!!

My Little Review and Feedbacks.... I reivewed at least 191??? 171 finished complete reviews and only 20 made it to the hall of fame and glory!!!! only 20 made it...

I am going to place the 20 hall of fame into the Pony Nations group!!!! that is owned by Rye Snoot. I did check with them and they said alright! So yeah.

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I honestly don’t know why you’d delete everything instead of just telling us you’d be gone for a long time, and just leave the account open. Just confused by it that’s all. What ever your reason is though it’s your choice to make so this is my goodbye to you. Hope everything goes well.

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