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Happy New Year! · 1:03am January 1st

"And with that, the 2023 season comes to an end. Goodnight"

And hello 2024.

Looking back on 2023, I learned a lot.

My daughter turned a year old, it was my one year anniversary with my wife. Yes, I'm married since my mother and her parents gave us permission, before anyone asks.

I also learned a lot about friendships, stoicism, literature and self-improvement.

Self-Improvement is never easy. It's not an easy road to go down. Once you start it, there's no going back. I took up Philosophy. I became inspired by Epictetus, Seneca, Marcus Aurelius, Plato and Socrates. I learned Stoicism from them. To learn, regulate and control my emotions. It teaches you self-control, discipline and how to be a gentleman.

Friendships are a spectrum. Like being Autistic, you have a wide variety of friendships. Male-only, female-only, mixed, etc. For example, I have straight, gay and lesbian friends. A mixed variety.

What I am getting at is, is that we should pick our friends carefully. You can't trust everyone and also trust nobody. Trust is earned, not given. The same is said for respect. Male friends should be like your brothers-in-arms or older brother-like figures. To lift you up, help you succeed and mold you into a better person.

The same can be said for female friends. There to offer you comfort, guidance and companionship. But, be careful who you trust. Because those closest to you can hurt you the most. Friends, family, relatives, etc.

Be wise, and pick your friends carefully. Look for their best traits that are positive. Traits that you seek to learn from them and to then teach to others.

Like the Elements Of Harmony, friends should be generous, kind, loyal, honest, make you laugh and smile and show you what true friendship is.

Like Rarity, be generous.

Like Fluttershy, be kind

Like Applejack, be honest.

Like Rainbow Dash, be loyal.

Like Pinkie-Pie, make people smile and laugh.

Like Twilight Sparkle, show and also learn what true friendship is.

Friends come and go. Not every friend stays forever.

To quote Chilli Heeler from Bluey, "Sometimes, a friend comes into your life, they stay for a little while and then they leave."

A friend from High School may not be a forever friend, but you may meet your future best friend for the rest of your life either in college, in clubs, working, or in daily life. Friends are precious, so cherish them. Treat them like family.

"A wise man once told me, 'Family don't end in blood.' But it doesn't start there, either. Family cares about you, not what you can do for them. Family's there. Through the good, bad, all of it. They got your back, even when it hurts. That's family."-Dean Winchester, Jensen Ackles, Supernatural.

So, to everybody reading this. I hope you all have a happy and wonderful new year full of lessons, opportunities and adventures.


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Happy New Year

Happy new years pal!

Happy New Year.

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