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Man, I wish Bios where longer, guess that means I have to shorten it. But I'm lazy about it so I'll do it later.(probably never) If I see an opportunity to meme I'm going to meme.

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    My job & how it's going

    I can't say I'm surprised but I truly am, God being an adult sucks. The job is for the most part, easy; There are some things that require much more than de-prep this and prep that, sometimes I have to do laboring tasks and those are tiring on my body. What kills me are my feet, everyday is a struggle on concrete flooring, I get two ten-minute breaks and half hour lunch, if the job I'm doing

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    My days of freedom are over, it's time to work.
    I'll talk to ya'll in a couple weeks from now.

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    Hey guys, yeah, I'm not dead. I'm gonna be brief again but also, explain last year's winners.
    Yeah, I had to go without my computer for nearly 2 weeks. My upgrades are good, but when playing games, the cpu feels as hot as a furnace.(joking of course but it does still get hot, despite the upgrades) OH and I got to keep EVERYTHING. hip hip :yay:

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    I was at the doctor a couple days ago, told them about my sleep, I'm going to have a sleep study done soon, and possible change in meds..maybe.

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Hi all.......I've done it again haven't I? · 12:21pm Oct 31st, 2023

Happy Halloween/Nightmare Night. I've been gone for a while again. I've lost some motivation to read, nothing more, nothing less. Don't know if I want to start right now, but I'll come back soon...I think? Life is boring at the moment. Throughout that small time though, Christmas decoration, music, and adds started playing and that is not ok. ITS THE SPOOKY MONTH. I don't want to hear or see that at this time of year! God is also playing a trick this year it seems. Cause it gonna snow in MY area on Halloween night, can you believe that? 'It's gonna be the coldest Halloween in years' they say.

And a happy early birthday to Doge. That Dog is going to be 18 years old Nov. 2nd. Decades of memes later is still here. Cheems we know has died recently, but I think this one is soon to follow.

A reminder to people with clocks of any kind other than your phone and similar devises, Daylight Saving Time is the 5th of November.
Bye for now, see you after election day.

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