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I believe that stories help us to ennoble ourselves, to fix what is broken in us, and to help us become the people we dream of being. Lies that tell a deeper truth.

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  • 1 week
    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Hope you all had a better one than I did! Yesterday I got a bad bout of food poisoning and still in the recovery process today:twilightsheepish: But I did get to spend the day with my dad so I’ll count that as an absolute win. Just wish I could’ve enjoyed the food more!:rainbowlaugh:

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  • 4 weeks
    Nightmare Night!

    What a fright! As I do every Halloween, I shall be watching 1408 tonight. It became a little tradition with my family when me and my brother were kids that after trick or treating, we'd watch 1408, which is now one of my favorite horror movies! Right behind Alien. I always relate a bit to John Cusack's character in the movie where he says, it's not that I don't believe in ghosts, I'm just saying

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  • 15 weeks
    A Kickass Year for Gaming!

    I don’t know if it’s just me but I feel like 2023 is going to go down as one of the best years for new video games in a long time. To start the year we had the amazing Dead Space remake, which yes is a remake but done so so right! Obvious graphics overhaul, added voice lines to the main character as well as other quality of life improvements. A rare W for EA, but a welcome one. Then, Hogwarts

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  • 15 weeks
    Ten Years

    Ok so I am about a month late, but it is my ten year anniversary on this site! Crazy to think I was still in high school when I created this account and joined the fandom. Feels like it was a lifetime ago at this point with everything that's happened in my life since then. I've had some great times on this site meeting new people, making friends and reading a hell of a lot of stories!

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  • 21 weeks
    America Day

    Freedom is the only way! Happy Independence Day everyone!

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Good News! · 8:00pm May 12th

So in my last blog I mentioned how I found an abandoned kitten at my apartment complex. Well Lou is going to be getting a real home! I asked my coworker today if she was interested in adopting an adorable little fluff ball and she said yes! Turns out my coworker's been wanting a little orange cat for a while now but just never took the time to look for and adopt one. So it's a win-win! Lou gets to go to a real home instead of a shelter and my coworker gets a kitten:yay: For a little while I was considering keeping the little guy but I think this is the best outcome. I can rest easy knowing he'll be with a loving owner.

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