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Feedback: "Stalker Shrine" Card · 9:40pm Apr 19th, 2023

I'm almost done with a custom card set I've been working on for the new MLP Deckbuilder, "Adventures in Equestria." I'm starting to have second thoughts about one of the cards, though:

Card: "Stalker Shrine" <--FimFic is being wierd and won't let me post this as an image

Basically, you can name a card, and if someone else has it in their hand, you can steal it... but they get the Stalker Shrine instead.

Is this in good taste? Or is stalking something I shouldn't joke about, even like this?

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Worth asking the extent to which something exists in canon; if you're using a canon screenshot, you can't be blamed for the problem.

I don't expect it'd be a problem.

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