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A Party to Die For · 6:14pm April 16th

You know, when I decided I was going to blog about the G5 comic sometimes, I thought "sometimes" would happen again before issue #11. My last blog post was in July!

And it's just wrong that last time I didn't even specify a moral. The moral is tradition; it should be the only thing you can rely on in my otherwise random meandering.

This time the moral is a gimme; Pipp specifically acknowledges that she made it all about her when it's not all about her. Don't use others' misfortune to boost yourself (unless their misfortune is your deliberate doing, in which case it's legitimate to use but I really hope you were doing it for the right reasons).

I do want to say, by the way, that I thought this issue was pretty good. Now that the Discord arc is complete we can have one-shot stories without the baggage of doing something unrelated in the middle of a crisis, and I think this one-shot story holds together very well. It showcases three characters well (sorry, though, Sunny and Hitch) and progresses in a satisfying way.

Honestly, the impetus to get me to post this was to complain about horse puns. I'm not mad about "horsephanage," though I certainly don't love how forced it is, but I am irritated about "gaityard" and "maretaker." You can't just put different words into compound words and say this is how the language is in this world; Naggie is not buried in a yard for gaits and said yard doesn't have somepony to take mares (I hope).

They do get some points back for naming the graveyard "Better Pastures" and the Reinit post by "MeganRules," and "Instagroom" does amuse me.

This issue has a side-effect of underscoring how Izzy is in some ways very different from Pinkie, even though she has a lot of openly Pinkie energy. Pinkie would never give advice about being more internally motivated (you'd be lucky if you could deliver such advice to her and get her to absorb any fragment of it), and it's hard to imagine Pinkie ever rejecting googly eyes. It turns out our favorite dumpster-diving, doesn't-get-personal-property, socially inexperienced unicorn does understand some boundaries.

How do you think Zipp made the stuffie attack Izzy on night two? Unless she brought in an outside unicorn to levitate it, it must have been hanging from something, and that can't be easy to pull off secretly in a well-lit shared house.

I'm just kidding. Obviously she did it with swamp gas, like that one comment said.

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I dunno, I didn't think Pipp was really doing anything wrong. She was going to throw Nagatha a fun party, if she got followers out of the deal that's just win X win. I think Zipp just resented having to help her sister with social media stunts and then came up with a justification after the fact.

What really bugged me is no told Pipp she should look at her follower count before they announced the thing with Discord, and see if she ends with a net higher number of followers eventually. That's a much more useful framing!

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