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Upcoming Story Ideas · 10:57pm Feb 23rd, 2023

So here are some ideas for stories I'm planning on doing in the future. Not sure when I'll (ever) release them but I just thought I would give ya'll what I have in store:

Phantom Hunters: A post-TCB story. In a last bid to defeat humanity, Celestia and the other non-human leaders set up a device that would turn the tide of battle. Unfortunately, it backfired and turned them and the rest of their people into ghostly creatures called Phantoms. Many, many, many years later, a young boy with spiritual powers tries to fight off the Phantoms as well as find a way to end their suffering. Has G5 characters in it as well as elements from Demon Slayer and Kena Bridge of Spirits.

Star Fox: Draco: Another collab story between me and NetherTempest. Crossover with Star Fox along with Starlink: Battle for Atlas but also has elements from other sci-fi stories. Spike was a member of Fox McCloud’s team, going on numerous adventures and saving the galaxy but now is grown up and has proven his leadership capabilities. Fox gives him the option to lead his own team to take on jobs like Team Star Fox, an opportunity Spike accepts. Fox then has him travel to the cruiser ship Great Draco, a ship not unlike that of the Great Fox, where he is to lead and organize a team that is in desperate need of direction. Spike is eager to get the crew into a workable force but what Fox didn’t tell him was that every member of his new team are all very attractive and equally tough equine ladies. Spike now has to organize these mares into action as a new conflict dawns after the fall of Andross but it only gets more complicated when each mare shows signs of being heavily attracted to their new captain

Minion of Lady Darkstar: Twilight Sparkle comes face to face with an old schoolmate of hers, Nebula Darkstar, who has become a supervillain and plans to drain the Elements of Harmony of their power. Aiding her is a young human boy named Spike. This story is loosely based off of Despicable Me and Megamind.

Cyberpunk-themed Spike Harem Story: I’ve been playing a little bit of Cyberpunk 2077 lately as well as checking out some of Girlsay’s pictures of the main cast in a Cyberpunk setting and it inspired me to want to do a Spike harem story based around the genre. Problem is however, I can’t think of a story! All I got at the moment is that Spike is a “pure flesh” (I.e. someone who doesn’t have any cybernetic implants) and that he would join Twilight and the girls in their missions. The setting would also have humans and anthros coexisting. If you have any suggestions for this story, I’m all ears.

Pathogen Island: Based very loosely off of Dead Island and Prototype. Spike Williams along with his family and friends go to an island resort for summer vacation. But overnight however, a mysterious plague swept the island and turned everyone into ravaging mutants. Spike gets separated from his loved ones and quickly finds out that he’s somehow immune. He runs into a group of mutated girls who have managed to keep their sentience. Spike must work together with these girls if he has any chance of figuring out where this plague came from, finding his loved ones, and hopefully get out of the island.

Kidnapped: an old idea Gojirasaurus has given out and I hope to one day write. As he putted it: In a Humanized Equestria, a older "woman" steals Spike and keeps him as a prize and mate. Spike would be an adult, but still look young, thanks to dragon blood. She would chase off of Dragons and is overly protective, but he soon finds she has a soft spot for him. She would often cuddle and treat him like a son (if you ignored the sex). Ponies would have wings and magic, dragons would have scaley tails, wings, firebreath, ect.

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Comments ( 5 )

They seem like a bunch of good ideas

I’ll say! It’s too bad I have my own story ideas to work on, otherwise I’d have leapt at the chance to help.

Which one peaks your interest the most Wildcard?

The Cyberpunk one

I like the Kidnapped one

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