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First time of writing my own stories on here since the first episode of my little pony friendship is magic.

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    Still alive + good news.

    Hey there my fellow viewers, readers, followers, and authors. I'm still good and had to endure some crap over here at my home. Anyways, let me tell you all on a couple of good news here. Firstly though, I'll be working on one chapter, two, or three before the end of June since I'm sure that many of you are wanting to know on what happens next into my stories & chapters. Not going to say on which

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    Firstly though, happy Mother's Day to every viewer, followers, and authors' family of spending time with our dearly mothers. The ones who have given birth to us younger generations and taking care for us every day, week, month, and years growing up. We'll always forever love our mothers, even if we do had some good and bad times. Plus, I have nothing to say for those other evil mothers for

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    It's my birthday today in April!

    Hey guys, it's my birthday today!

    In honor of my day and the 300 followers of mine, I've decided to publish a special story crossover today.

    Please, feel free to leave a comment in my story and tell me of what do you think.

    Have a nice!

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    Heddo again everyone, yesterday I created my own group of the conversion bureau. It's my own take of the dark TCB inspired by some authors that I've read the stories from, including the wonderful Rated Ponystar. So, the usual is basically the pony invasion on Earth, but with a much dark/horror unforeseen consequences for the Equestrians and humans as well.

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    Announcement to make for everyone.

    Heddo my fellow viewers, followers, bronies, pegasisters, etc. I'm not dead yet. Had to take care of some moving around the house for the past days, which is a freaking pain in the ass mind you. I mean good lord, it's always something around the days of both Saturday and Sunday that I get my schedules pulled into a halt. I just really F******* hate this S*** sometimes. Like I'm literally slowly

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Merry Christmas 2022. · 2:16am Dec 26th, 2022

Heddo my fellow viewers, followers, bronies, and pegasisters.

It's Christmas time and I'm very sorry that I haven't posted any chapter updates yet because I was busy.

I'll be sure to post a story chapter for tomorrow so be sure to look out.

Merry Christmas 2022 and a happy new year of 2023.

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