tfw you haven't been part of the community for three years and got two whole seasons to catch up on.


Why did you leave?

To be honest, my situation was causing me to become a little too self conscious since I was getting acquainted with some of the nastier parts of the fandom from other sites, and I decided that being associated with the brony community was NOT something that I wanted. I know there are a few individuals who communicated with me on Skype before I left, and if anyone of them are reading this now, I just want them to know that my departure had nothing to do them or anything they said or did.

Why did you comeback?

Honestly, I missed it. I missed the show and the wonderful world it created, but more importantly than that, I missed being apart of a community filled with such good people.

Also I was tired of having flash-backs anytime I saw something pony related.

Are you going to be staying?

I'll definitely be checking in at least every other day or so and I will at least make a blog about leaving if I decided to pull another disappearing act.

What about Changeling Panic?

Well, I have to say that I'm blown away that there is still activity going on in that group after 3 years and with new members still trickling in ever so slowly. But as for rejoining the group as its leader, I've been gone for far too long and after hearing about the ban on RP, I don't even know if the group is technically legal now, as I don't know how that rule applies to "forum games".  So I'll be happy to help people out with things only an admin can do if the need arises, but I think I'm fine to just let the new leadership do its thing unless I'm called upon.

What happened to all those blogs?

Gone. I erased them for two reasons:

1. To start with a clean slate.

2. Most of those were really whiny and angst-y due to my age and honestly, I'd rather not remember those awkward times.

Are you going to actually write something this time instead of making 5 blogs about it and then disappearing?

As a matter a fact, I am indeed. You can expect to see it by the end of the week. Just don't expect something too big.

If you have any questions you'd like answered just send me a PM or leave a comment below. And I'll answer you via pm and post your question with answer in the next Q&A if I have one.

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I miss you. :fluttercry:

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So. When are you going to release a story, sir? :duck:

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The Mad God is always watching his subjects  :pinkiecrazy:

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