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why?no i believes it pronounced "why not?"


Beat It · 10:07pm Jun 25th, 2014

I should maybe do posts every so often. Anyway Animated James made this video and now that I have watched it I must say that it is one of my new favorite PMVs...Ever

not sure why i felt a need to share it though

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F it im dubstep · 8:56pm Sep 3rd, 2013

I really wanted to be Discord but couldnt come up with a proper name so....

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uumm... hi · 3:42pm Jul 13th, 2013

Hello my name is Jeremiah Johnson, I will be one of the worst writers on fimfiction ever. This is my first blog ever...so yea i dont know what to put. *idea pops into my head* oh I have an idea. How about one of those blogs that answer questions. yeah i'll do that. ask me any thing. also i will release a story. not sure when though so yeah... you might not want to read it though.
EDIT: the story will have nothing to do with anything ever. It will be just random everything.

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