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And we're back · 5:22pm Jun 12th, 2014

After a very, very long time, I finally worked up the courage to get back into the story. I'm doing a full rewrite, and am currently 5 chapters into it, already beyond where I ended up hitting a brick wall with my face the first time. I'm going to be republishing the story and doing a slightly staggered release of the chapters, maybe 1 a week or so until I catch up with where I currently am in writing. I'm doing that as much to not just dump out 5 chapters at once as I am just trying to give

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It's Coming · 6:22am Feb 27th, 2012

Slowly, but it's coming. Between getting caught up on a couple scenes and packing up the house so we can move, the chapter is being delayed somewhat. Good news is that it's about a third/half-way done and that it should be double the length of previous chapters.

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Hmmm · 7:23am Feb 14th, 2012

I'm seriously considering adding a "comedy" tag to this story. I'm just not sure whether I'm going for that throughout the entire story or if it's just happening in these early chapters because the real serious stuff hasn't quite started happening yet.

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ARGH · 7:44pm Feb 6th, 2012

I shouldn't have released Chapter 2 last night. I just figured out that I really screwed up that whole exchange between Sunny Sea and Buck, and now I'm going to have to go elaborate and fix that in the next chapter. Lovely.

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