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my goal is not be the best, but to enjoy what I do and to cause a few smiles along the way. Also I am a lurker, I could by on your profile page as you read this. *spooky noises*


Share a Smile · 12:01am Sep 11th, 2017

So in one of the discord groups that I am in, it was decided that we should all make blog posts about people we look up on this site. After all, we could all use a smile. So without further ado!

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Still kicking. · 4:58am Jan 14th, 2017

As the title says I am still very much alive and well, things have calmed down after the move and the new workload I had to take on for a bit. School once again is starting soon and this time it looks like I will have a good amount of time to write when I am on my breaks between classes, also I turn twenty-two in five days.

until next time.

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Moving soon · 7:22pm Oct 7th, 2016

Hey all I am moving so I might not have the internet for a while.

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I did it! · 5:18am Jul 13th, 2016

The next chapter of ISOTP is off to editing, I am sorry it took so long it was hard to get myself to sit down and write and that only frustrated me more.

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not everything goes to plan. · 5:08am Jun 27th, 2016

soo I know I said last week that a new chapter would be out, however I ran into a little issue of my work basically going all butt first on me and yes I do have the chapter part way done its just gonna be a little more time until it comes out. I am sorry for the delay and will try to get this rolling to the best of my abilities.

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Not dead! · 9:11pm Jun 2nd, 2016

Been busy and kind of negelecting my writing, kind of bit off more then I could chew with some other work but thats over and done with and a spark is growing in me as we speak so look forward to something this week.

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On Wings of Doubt goodness. · 4:14pm Mar 7th, 2015

So as of today my storie On Wings of Doubt has its own cover! I am so happy and it looks awesome.

Vey out-

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Hheheh · 4:41pm Dec 30th, 2014

So i promise updates and what not but I never seem to get them out and for that I apologize. I will say that the holidays are busy and that it is not over yet for me. Right now I am hoping that after new years everything will calm down so that I can at least write when I am not dead tired.

Thank you too all of you who have stuck it out with me. -J

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Hiya! · 2:59pm Dec 2nd, 2014

I am alive and finals are this week so once that is done with i will be taking ITSOP off of hiatus and will start updating it. Thank you all so very much for being super patient with me and i do love you all.

I also wanted to say that I know I am far from the best author here and to be fair I don't really mind that. I love what I do and I enjoy writing and reading and I love putting what I write up for you all to see, stay awesome guys!

-Veyron ( J )

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I am alive. · 2:54pm Nov 4th, 2014

I am just stressed and tired.
Here have a song.

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