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Been a while... · 7:24pm Jan 21st, 2015

Hey everyone. It's been a while since I've posted something remotley storyish, so heres the deal.

I've been recently employed at Target since may, and i'm preparing to start School again soon, that said, most of my time that I used to devote to writing has gone WAY WAY down, even though I still get ideas every so often. That being said, I haven't forgotten my readers or my stories here. it just might be a while before i manage to get time to really write.

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A tale about me 1 · 4:29am Nov 5th, 2014

Ok, so let me tell you guys a story.

>imagine me, a five year old Kaijin, just watchin Disney (god how i miss old Disney Channel...) and its the christmas season.

>we happen to be watching an animated version of The Nutcracker.

>we get to the climax when the Rat King attacks the ball, looking RABID AS F:yay:.

>Kaijin is now under his blanket in his room upstairs, now MORBIDLY afraid of Nutcrackers (How, I have no idea...)

>Fast forward to recent times, Workin in Target.

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I hate October now · 8:56pm Oct 8th, 2014

Okay, so now that I have Smash 3ds, theres only one more game to get this season, which is Fantasy Life.

Thats what I wanted to have said by the third, but unfortunately (fortunately?) a few other games have popped up that I'm looking forward to, the biggetst being Shantae Pirates Curse.

Why you do this to my poor wallet Nintendo, I gotta eat this month.

Also, I'm still working on a BnG-MLPFIMFIC update. Expect an old joke in it.

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Farewell, sweet library... · 3:27pm May 10th, 2014

never forget...

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Do you wish to see how it ends? · 1:39am Mar 14th, 2014

I've been thingking of Ponimon Adventure lately, and how i already had the final fight planned out. so heres my question.

Do you wish to see how it would have ended?

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Someone is going to die in the next arc... · 4:17pm Mar 4th, 2014

And its not Ran.

Okay, Ran is going to die (ALOT) but that is not the character i'm talking about. bombshells will drop, YGOTAS jokes will be made, and it will end with something you may not expect.

COming soon to Bob and George-A MLPFIMFic, Bab Seeds.

she's a bad bad seed.

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Megaman Zero E news · 4:31pm Jan 30th, 2014

Hey guys, Kaijin here, with some sad news pertaining to...NO I'M NOT CANCELLING THE STORY! SETTLE DOWN!

*ahem*...Anyway, have you ever done something, get about 95% done, and then lose track of it?

Well, imagine that, but instead of you, its me and the flashdrive containing the stories next chapter, and you see how my month has been.

So, I now have to start OVER from the beginning for that chapter, all while getting ready to move.

I hate my life sometimes...

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[no title] · 3:59pm Dec 27th, 2013

So Christmas has come and gone, and I dont have a present for most of you aside from a 300 word short story. I'm going to change that.

How you ask? Well, I happen to love McDonalds, but during thier little XB1 thingamajigger, I accumulated quite a few prizes.

Thats right, 4 Tv episodes, 1 Aqua game download, and 1 The Maw download can be yours. Just hit a comment saying I'm in or something similar, and on the 5th of January, You get one of those 6 prizes.

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Back with a small present for you all. · 3:39pm Dec 26th, 2013

Hey guys! I'm back from my small vacation from the internet, and boy have i got a present for you! if you remember Mothers Day in Equestria, I just happened to have written a short story set in the universe, but its not long enough for its won story. Insead, I will be putting it in this blog post!

It was the last day of the Cloudsdale Junior Flight School before they let out for Hearth Warming Break. A certain blue Pegasus filly and her timid friend were

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Ponymon Adventure news · 3:22pm Dec 16th, 2013

How many of you guys like Ponimon Adventure? Several of you? Well this is kinda upsetting news for you then.

The story is cancelled. ist kaput. i cant do it. sorry....

BUT! All hope is not lost, I will be giving it away under this very strict circumstance.

1: You need at least one story on here that I can Read to see if i would want you to take it up.

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