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  • 334 weeks
    Been a while...

    Hey everyone. It's been a while since I've posted something remotley storyish, so heres the deal.

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    A tale about me 1

    Ok, so let me tell you guys a story.

    >imagine me, a five year old Kaijin, just watchin Disney (god how i miss old Disney Channel...) and its the christmas season.

    >we happen to be watching an animated version of The Nutcracker.

    >we get to the climax when the Rat King attacks the ball, looking RABID AS F:yay:.

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  • 349 weeks
    I hate October now

    Okay, so now that I have Smash 3ds, theres only one more game to get this season, which is Fantasy Life.

    Thats what I wanted to have said by the third, but unfortunately (fortunately?) a few other games have popped up that I'm looking forward to, the biggetst being Shantae Pirates Curse.

    Why you do this to my poor wallet Nintendo, I gotta eat this month.

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    Farewell, sweet library...

    never forget...

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    Do you wish to see how it ends?

    I've been thingking of Ponimon Adventure lately, and how i already had the final fight planned out. so heres my question.

    Do you wish to see how it would have ended?

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Been a while... · 7:24pm Jan 21st, 2015

Hey everyone. It's been a while since I've posted something remotley storyish, so heres the deal.

I've been recently employed at Target since may, and i'm preparing to start School again soon, that said, most of my time that I used to devote to writing has gone WAY WAY down, even though I still get ideas every so often. That being said, I haven't forgotten my readers or my stories here. it just might be a while before i manage to get time to really write.

So expect SOMETHING soon...ish. maybe. but for now, just letting everyone know, the stories aren't dead yet.

Oh, and i have a MH4U code handy, if ya want it, let me know and i'll PM it to ya.

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What's MH4U code?

i had an early demo code for monster hunter 4 ultimate a while back. kinda moot now that the eshop has the same demo available for everyone..

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