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When I'm not drawing ponies and dragons, I'm probably reading about ponies and dragons.


Pony Prompt Generator · 3:49pm Jul 2nd, 2020

After a couple months, my first ever programming project is complete!
I present to you, the Pony Prompt Generator!

Between the show and the comics, there are a lot of characters and locations yet to be explored in a fanon capacity.
In an effort to remedy this, I've put together a generator that randomly picks from roughly 1500 characters, 400 scenarios, and 80 locations.

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Seeking Some Weird Help · 4:14am Mar 30th, 2020

If anyone has any information about a Bring Your Own Book party that took place at the Brookshire Suites during BronyCon 2019, please shoot me a message!

So, to keep myself from going crazy, I had an idea for a funny short story based on real life. It is a story about me going to the wrong party while out at BronyCon. I would like to reference attendees' OCs for character ideas, however I have no idea who anyone was at the first party -_-

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Thanks Again, Everyone! · 5:10am Sep 24th, 2019

Wow. Just wow.
This has been a wild week for me and I wanted to thank all of you.
Another hot, featured fic! I never thought the silly ideas that rattle around in my head would interest so many people. As long as they bring people enjoyment, I'mma keep making 'em ^^

With that said, another huge thanks for the 100 followers! I'm definitely going to have to do something for that when I get back home. (Currently in Austin, Texas looking for work. Wish me luck ^^ ) More on all that later.

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Thanks for the Warm Welcome! · 7:56pm May 24th, 2019

Wow, everyone. I can't thank y'all enough for the reception my first fic has received.
Featured Box, Hot status, and even some followers. Goodness.

Exploring this creative outlet has been exciting and, seeing that people are enjoying the results, I look forward to delving deeper. I've still got plenty of ideas rattling about in my head and I've still got lots to learn.

Thanks again,

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