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Major Edit to Apple story · 10:31pm Jan 31st, 2014

Hi everyone. Regarding my story 'Life with the Apple Family,' and some comments I got relating to the name, discription, and plot, I decided to change the name and description to better suit the course this story has taken. Originally it was just supposed to be about Sweetie Belle on the farm, but I expanded it to include other ponies. And...the story went on a few more tangents than it really had to. I will edit, re-write parts in the beginning and eventually overhaul the whole thing when its

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To my readers · 4:51pm Oct 19th, 2013

First, those who have continued to read my fic Life with the Apple Family, I greatly appreciate your support; your responses have actually helped the story progress.
However, I am going through a very rough patch in my life, so it's going to be some time before i can figure out how Sweetie Belle takes her revenge. Don't worry, the story will have a happy ending, just not sure when

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What the hay, FiMFiction? · 1:34pm May 13th, 2013

OK so, last time I checked, with all the range of FIMfics accross the Internet, including crossovers, alt universe, clop, CP clop (as in fillies being raped, which to me is written child p0rn, and not my preference in fics), I've read plenty that seemed out of character. Rather than bitch at the authors because I didn't like their stories, I simply took a moment to at least appreciate their hard work, though not personally liking it, and moved on.

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