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Epic gamer, funny, loves eating, sleeping, making people laugh, Lots of fun, music enthusiast, editor, adviser, etc. I hope you enjoy what little I have to offer...


Story Contest!! · 1:17pm Jul 11th, 2013

I'm holding a contest soon to celebrate the unexpected success of my first story... here's the kicker... I have the pilot chapter of ANOTHER story almost ready to post, but I ran into a small hitch.... I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO CALL MY MAIN CHARACTERS!!! (I also need to have jobs for them and their cutie marks....) Hence the contest! My lead character is a male earth pony, and the supporting characters are a male earth pony and a female unicorn (the latter two are a couple) The three winners of

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I think I just did something awesome? · 4:23pm Jun 13th, 2013

The initial concerned brony...

Cody Phillips 12 hours ago

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WHOO! finished! · 4:44pm Mar 23rd, 2013

For those of you who actually cared, my last blog post entailed a story I was writing, I am happy to inform you that that story is finally complete! Since I am too lazy and tired to repost the link, just go to my last post and follow that link instead.

my feelings right now -


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Quickly my friends! I need reviews! I just made a one-shot for school! · 6:52pm Mar 2nd, 2013

I need some suggestions for my one-shot I had to write for my eng. class, It's a Aladdin/Magic Lamp type story that can be found here - The Keeper of The Wishes
Please help me...

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To all of my clients! · 9:45pm Feb 18th, 2013

I apologize so much, but my laptop was taken away by my father as punishment so I haven't been on since January and won't be on again for several months. I managed to write this after receiving it back to work on something for school, I cannot assist you with anything for at least another month or so... I'll post the second I get my tech back, but until then I'll be COMPLETELY AFK....
(and no, he didn't give me a set date for getting it back either, sorry!)

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My opinions on the Derpy debacle · 3:51pm Jan 6th, 2013

I have been following the recoil and outrage at how Derpy Hooves is portrayed, and have come to the conclusion that the critics are for the most part incorrect in their assumption that Derpy is mentally impaired. Rather it is quite the opposite. Derpy is used most often as a term of affection when applied to her, despite its other connotations the fans tend not to see her as impaired. The idea that she is "retarded" comes mostly from the critics and non-bronies, as a true brony loves all

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New Years! · 7:34am Jan 1st, 2013

I feel awesome right now. I'm starting a new year as a Brony! (I can't wait for winter wrap up! I mean don't get me wrong, I love winter but we pretty much get no snow where I live. It tends to rain instead... Blegh it's really depressing) (Anyways, this is also my first month as a Brony!) I owe my conversion to a Brony to this guy - Dungeon Miner He is the best! I'm glad that I found his stories, they were what inspired me to be a Brony!

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