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50 Cases of Multiversal Scrying. · 1:55pm May 26th, 2014

So, I've been seeing a lot of other people make these headcanon posts recently, and my brain just decided, "What the hay, why not." As my muse has had very little to do lately (through no fault of hers, I might add), she practically leapt on the opportunity and wouldn't leave me be (not that I don't like having her around, just that it gets ever so slightly frustrating when she's trying to bounce ideas off me 24/7) until I'd done each and every one of them.

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Still Alive · 12:07pm Jan 15th, 2014

Hey guys, or at least those of you that care enough to read this, just letting y'all know that I'm not dead, as I imagine none of you speculated. What happened was I got introduced to this webcomic called 'Homestuck' and really enjoyed reading it, hence this kinda fell to the wayside.

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E: CoG 1 and beyond · 4:32am Jul 31st, 2013

Not much to say here. Just uploaded the first(not counting the prologue) chapter of Equestria: City of Guilds. Decided I'd give the three of you that follow me a 'sneak preview' of what is to come:
Card of the Blog #1:
Atzo, Legitimized Crusader 2BR
Legendary Creature - Pony Crusader
First strike, haste
Crusade — Whenever Atzo, Legitimized Crusader and at least two other creatures with crusade are attacking, attacking creatures get +2/+0 for each blocking creature.

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New Content · 3:56am May 15th, 2013

Returning from my short stay in Western Europe, I bring with me, along with the usual bollocks and an altered idiolect, potential stories that you might see sometime in the near future:
-One that alters one thing that is integral to Equestria: the tribes.
-One that brings a Timelord from our world into Equestria.
-One that takes the ideas of Equestria and Ravnica, and fuses them.
-One that takes a student at Hogwarts and dumps them in Equestria.

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