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Weird Following Glitch · 5:11pm Jan 5th, 2013

For some reason, I seemed to have lost a couple ponies under my Following Rader, thus making me not follow them. Any thoughts about that?

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Finally reached a Milestone · 8:22pm Jan 4th, 2013

I am right now... following over one thousand ponies.
And I made more than a few of them happy.
That's was worth it.

Still, my quest isn't over yet!

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Beginnings · 2:53am Nov 27th, 2012

A grey-sheen pegasus sat at her usual desk. It's where she spent the time when Dinky is asleep, and no other work is needed to be taken care of. Except for one last task. A task she'll never finish. Watching, and waiting for the right moment to lift everypony's spirits up. Why she made this her mission, she doesn't know. All she knew was that it was her duty. Along with being a mail mare of course. She's the seer of the future. The companion of the doctor. She goes by many names. Two

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