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I love apples and spices, also beef jerky, gotta love beef jerky dude.


Nothing Grand · 2:49am Jul 20th, 2014

Hello brony world and those that find this in a Google search somehow, summer time with a break from college and I've done nothing productive all summer other than lose weight and be generally unhealthy, :woohoo:.

This is just a post that has no real purpose other than to satisfy my boredom.

Well thank you for reading and have a nice day.

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Hola everyone · 2:45am Dec 16th, 2013

It's almost 2014 and a lot has happened, dunno who would be reading this but I wanted to post this up. Anywho, over the last two or so years, lots of stuff has happened in the brony community along with the world at large, so much that I couldn't even mention the whole damn thing(s) that have happened. Well my point is that it's been a strange and wild-card of a ride, I'm still traveling down the road and there still is so much that can happen and be seen.

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To those that are following me as well as anyone that notices this blog. · 4:37pm Aug 13th, 2012

I have stated in my profile that I will be working on a fan-fiction project that would most likely turn into a series of different stories among other things. I want to tell you all that I am going to be post-poneing it for a few months, at least until I better my writing skills and techniques.

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Well Howdy do, Mah name's Adam and think I'll fail at this story · 5:58am Feb 7th, 2012

I am putting this blog thingy up before I start the story so that it will act as a reminder for me to start on the story and to always remember about to so I don't forget about it like the several hundred other ideas and stuff that I've had in the past and fail to remember anything about them usually.


Wazzup mah friends on the Internet?

(For those that stumble across my blog before the story is actually started Howdy.)

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