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It has begun. · 10:40pm Dec 22nd, 2012

Well, I'm about ready to start posting my story. I've gotten to a page count where I feel that I can keep the pace of writing with the pace of posting. (300+ pages is good right?) What I really need is just some feedback on what someone outside of my brother thinks. If anypony wants to see it prior to it's official posting, please send me a PM.

Here's a description to incite curiosity.

Ponification is just the beginning.

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My first story. · 5:09pm Mar 16th, 2012

Hey there everypony! I've started to write my very first story. It's not just my first take on the Conversion Bureau, not just my first attempt at fanfiction, but truly my first stab at serious creative writing. Like many, the premise of Blaze's Conversion Bureau absolutely enthralled me. That said, I was a bit shocked at how heavily misanthropic the tale was. It broke both the Mane Six's otherwise caring dispositions and focused so thoroughly on how evil we are capable of being while

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