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What can I say Im a brony, and a truly good one at that. I want The earth to be like Equestria one day and that is my life goal.


So that stuff about Reality Check. · 8:43am Jul 13th, 2014

well don't that beat all. I post one thing not nearly as offensive as his original post and pointed out some flaws in his logic. and within a minute im blocked totally from anything his mitts have started. the only thing I have to say is Amazing job. You really screwed the pooch. You have probably damaged your rep too much to come back from this even in the event you somehow escape being banned. Congrats. You instigated your own demise on this website.

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Second Verse. Same as the first. · 7:45am Jun 26th, 2014

Hello everyone.
Sorry to bother you all again.
But Im rewriting all the chapters I have finished but not uploaded due to severe WTF was I thinking when I wrote these. They are really terrible, and that's not counting the several spelling inconsistencies. SO I need to go back and edit everything
Sorry if that's a bit of a pain for all of you.

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Oh. Yeah. I need to be writing stuff too. hehehe hee. sorry. · 8:16am Jun 11th, 2014

Casually logs on to check story updates. notices Meta notifications.
Hmmm. What?
So many of you now watching me and reading Rapture. Oh goodness Im such a bad person. I will dig my work up and get on it
sorry for keeping you waiting.

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I have a reason for not being on top of things · 6:22am Jan 26th, 2014

Its because, in a bulleted list
1. I currently have a job.
2. I have familial obligations.
3. Aforementioned items take up most of my free time.
4. I just got Steam, so that takes up whatever free time is left.

Now I will give you the solution to all of these problems.
I played Spec Ops: the Line and that frees up as much time as I want to write.
If you all hold on and resend requests because I lost the list for the current ideas and I don't want to miss any of them.

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Good News everypony. · 7:05am Jul 12th, 2013

Okay first things first yes?
Well then. I'm not dead.
2. I have picked up a massive amount of orders that I have neglected lately. and that just will not do will it.
3. I have procured my writing computer so the shite I have on paper is going to be digitalized soon.
4. Stories will be updating and many more will suddenly begin to exist.

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Well This Is really Awkward. · 5:33am May 22nd, 2013

Just when I accepted my heaviest load of asked for writing, fate whips out a pistol and points to the wall. I lost the computer I normally write on and all the progress on a few of my stories that I had on hard disk. I will be back with their rebirth soon. Now I am going to start saving for the tech Im going to need to salvage all my stories. Until then dont expect much out of CloudTwister and Florid Muse.

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