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Tender is the night for a broken heart, who will dry your eyes when it falls apart?


Six Year Anniversary · 11:07pm Nov 4th, 2018

Over six years have passed since I made this account. Pretty weird, huh?

I've been inactive since my last blog, but not unoccupied. I'll have something for you soon, something suitably me.

Look forward to it.

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Two years · 9:35am Aug 14th, 2017

It's been two years since I last did anything on this site, beyond log in to check my private messages once or twice. Been considering picking up the pen again, if only because I've barely written since... 2014, and even then, most of my writing is for work related things. Looking over this site fills me with nostalgia and ash. Crazy to see some of the shit I did as a maniacally depressed kid. Everything was a joke back then.

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Leaving Fimfiction [Important] · 4:06pm May 31st, 2015

Obviously my last blog didn't get the message across for a lot of people, since as I suspected, I had a slew of PM's waiting for me when I came back to clean up. It's alright though, since it was only a temporary thing to stall for time. "Stall for time" makes it sound like I'm a commander or something, right? Haha.

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