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Currently a University Graduate in English, wanting to improve my writing craft and just make some friends who have the same interests as me.


Haitus of MoM - Winds of Change · 2:36pm Jul 24th, 2013

Salutations to all you dedicated followers of my stories.

It pains me to have to say this, but due to some issues with my real life, I'm going to have to put a pause on Mind of Matter. I AM NOT cancelling the story, it will be done, however, now is not the time to work on it as there are a few other projects, long withstanding, that have to start taking priority as they do matter to my career and future work as a writer.

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Whats the deal with procrastination on writing? · 6:45pm Jun 23rd, 2013

Seriously, its driving me up a wall.

On some days, I'm able to sit down for 2 hours at least and write out some seriously good shit, but more often I find myself sitting with word or notepad or whatever writing program before me and no iota of wanting to WRITE anything even when the ideas are spinning in my head.

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Summers of Writers block · 9:32am Jun 2nd, 2013

Well, i've been perusing a lot of the features FimFic has, having recently been shown by whatmustido and have recently begun putting my stories into groups, as well as following many said groups to see others with similar genera of writing they enjoy mixing with the wonderful world of Equestria. I must say, the fruitful desgins people put forward for these ponies certainly makes my head spin, from demons and monsters of Taratars and the

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Some catching up.... · 3:26am Apr 21st, 2013


Well, first blog post, I honestly should use this a lot more to express my plans of world conquest....ahem...of the literature kind.

For many of you who've read Mind of Matter, I am quite blown away by how many people enjoy the story, it really brought a flutter to my heart when so many people enjoyed it and wanted more. So I've been slowly tapping away at MoM 2, but these stories are quiet...tedious to do, and sometimes, my RL issues tend to block my work.

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