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I like to make people laugh, so I try to type out stories that are both funny and slightly serious... What else... Oh, I know a lot about and love Halo and my favorite pony is Pinkie Pie. That's all.


You like my daily updates?... Yeah, ya might wanna read this. · 3:20am Mar 12th, 2015

Everypony, the daily updates are going to have to stop. I'm sorry to do this to ya, but I got another story to write too and most of my free time daily is taken up by writing the next chapter. It might not seem it, but I'm a very slow writer and I'm easily distracted. Even as I'm writing this I keep glancing at the tv.

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Sticking to what I know best · 11:13am Jul 31st, 2014

Well, I finally pulled the plug on The Last Quest. I went in with to much in the first chapter, writing myself into a corner. Then with the second chapter I tried to give my self some room for something else I had thought of, but it just went from bad to worse. I don't think I'll be attempting another Fallout fiction in the foreseeable future unless it's a One-shot, even then it's iffy. So for those of you who thought the story was good, take it. Do you're own version of it, just do

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