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Man, i haven't updated this ever since i joined. Also i've been a brony for well over a year now. The name is railbrony because i am a unabashed Train buff ( AKA railfan).


Wow. · 3:19am Nov 5th, 2013

Believe it or not, since October 22nd, it's been two years since i publicly announced i was a brony! I was a brony since July 1st but i was a closet brony at the time so i keep track of both of those dates. Again, sorry for not updating this darn thing until months later, as i just forget it's there!

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I've been thinking. · 7:30pm May 19th, 2013

As of recently i read a VERY interesting fanFic called The Forgotten Enterprise and it got me thinking. This guy wrote a very interesting story with ships based during World War 2 so i got to thinking "Why not do something with trains or Airplanes?" Right now the Airplane one sounds do-able but i'd have to think more about the Trains one.
Here's my idea for the Airplane one.
1.) I'd base it to in World War Two.

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