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The Iron Guard will return


The Iron Guard will Return · 4:30am Oct 28th, 2021

So, I’m putting part I on hiatus, due to the incredible lack of support I have and the fact that I really messed up while writing it.
I just wanted to get it done with, rather than having fun with writing - as you can imagine, it’s not exactly worth reading.
Also, all the hype is of Gen5, my story isn’t exactly related to it, so it wouldn’t do too well.

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The Iron Guard may return · 7:10am Sep 7th, 2021

I removed my story because it was badly written, so anyone who is looking for it, its not here anymore. I focused too much on the story and forgot about the writing style itself - leading to the story being tedious and just crappy.
I will work on re-writing it to actually make it fun to read.

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