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Chapter done! · 4:13am Apr 23rd, 2014

Hi everyone!

I finished the chapter! I'm going to re-check it tomorrow, and post it sometime in the afternoon/late evening.

Sorry for the delay! I've been very busy with my job, and everything else. (Plus I was at Awesome-con this last weekend! So that was sweet!)

Anyways, no promises, But I'll TRY to write faster now as we're approaching the final chapters! As a thank you for your patience, enjoy this short!

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NEXT "Running" Chapter out tomorrow! · 7:38am Nov 18th, 2013

Hi everyone!

Life's been crazy, yes. But fear not! I've basically completed the next chapter of Running, and it will be posted tomorrow!

In the meantime, to all of those who asked if this story was dead...

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Youtube developers=Bronies! · 4:35am Sep 7th, 2013

Seriously guys. Just go to Youtube, and search, "ponies"

Either I am way too tired and am hallucinating... Or there are ponies sprites running across my screen in herds.

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Equestria Girls? (Also an update... soon.) · 4:49pm May 16th, 2013

Hello everyone!

So, if you haven't heard yet, there is a promotional trailer for the Equestria girls movie.

My initial reaction is this.

However... I will wait and see. I won't hold out much hope, but it... (maybe?) might be... not abysmally horrible.

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NEW RUNNING CHAPTER! · 7:05pm Apr 13th, 2013

Hello everypony!

Sorry about the huge wait, I've been crazy busy. I've been applying to new jobs, trying to find a place to rent in DC, and work has been crazy.

But... now I've been hired at one of the biggest political talkshows in America! So I'm REALLY excited! Also, I have a few leads on a place to stay, so I'm not so... stressed.

Stressed writing doesn't really mesh well with comedy. :P

Overall though... I mean.. this was...

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Met my first IRL ponies! · 1:06am Feb 11th, 2013

So today I finally went to a DC Bronies meet up! We all went to the Chinese New Year parade in Chinatown, then hung out afterward! So much fun.

To be honest my expectations were met in a very strange way. There were the awesome Bronies, and then there were the... weird Bronies. Just like any comment board online I guess.

Overall though a great experience! Got to wear my PonySwag with the rest of them!

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Dare you to leave the fandom. · 4:40am Feb 1st, 2013

If you were thinking of leaving the fandom, then read this most recent tumblr comic first.


I dare you.

(P.S. The next chapter of Running is being edited now!)

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Yes... I did just hug a pony. A real Pony! · 1:00pm Jan 15th, 2013

So.... last night I hugged Pinkie Pie.

So you see, I had this awesome dream, (the rest of the dream isn't important, or doesn't make sense like dreams usually are...) and in it was Pinkie Pie! The real Pinkie Pie. Not the slightly scary one, not the one I picture in my head, but the real honest-to-goodness one. Voice, look, behavior, everything.

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DC Part-ay! · 12:17am Jan 12th, 2013

So, I'm just about to leave to go party in DC for the first time since I moved here! Should be fun!

I might even think of some ideas for "Running from Twilight".


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Running is slowly coming! · 4:04am Jan 8th, 2013

Hi guys!

So, I've been quite busy. I'm currently in the middle of moving from the Northwest US to Washington DC, so honestly i haven't had much time to write.

However on the plane ride over I did get about a chapter done! I just... I'm not really happy with it yet. It still needs some editing.

So, forgive me if the next chapter takes a little while longer. But be heartened! I am still working on it!

P.S. in lew of a new chapter, have this vid instead. :)

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