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The Three Musketankers

Prone to changing my Icon and Name: Last Icon and Name was A4-E Skyhawk. (A crew of three men calls themselves "The Three Musketankers". Known for destroying over 30 or more enemy vehicles.)


Suggestions needed · 1:32am May 27th

So, with the new story I want to ask, should the story have a modernized Equestria with propeller aircraft only (meaning that they are in the era of machines [1945] ), or should it just be its usual 1900s to 1500s style era with only that train and a few pony carriages here and there.


Thank you! · 1:09am May 26th

With the motivation to work on another story, I am thankful that you all liked my story! So, I announce that there is going to be a naval with aviation story that's going to come out soon!

The setting takes place in the Vietnam War. It is separate from the plot of Unexpected Assistance.

(It won't be a oneshot, but it will be decided it should have 5 or more chapters released with each chapter that has more than 2k words.)

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Upcoming short story · 2:39am May 20th

So, with the cancellation of Forceful Reforms, I decided working on short stories would be better. So an upcoming military story will be coming out this weekend. Name of the fanfic is going to be Unexpected Assistance. Hope you enjoy it!


Sorry. · 4:34pm February 17th

I have been quite busy with school and dealing with some problems currently. I hope to release the next chapter next week. Please wait for the story to return and it will be somewhere over 5000 or more words.