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Stories or groups about mafia/gangs · 1:48am Dec 9th, 2021

I have wanted to read a few stories about maybe building a gang but can't find anything can you please help:)

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grand opening of my war group! · 12:50am Dec 3rd, 2021

i am tired of scrolling thought the old war group with dead and small stories i want a good long war story with multiple battles and great technical details. not one shots with one battle and leaving you wanting a longer story or dead stories which started off good but were abandoned. so thinking other people are having the same problem i thought "why not create a group which will have the same problems but accept it and have it in a different folder so you don't have to go through it trying to

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My problem · 5:19am Sep 29th, 2021

The current state of my read it later is just insane. With over 200 stories either read a little bit or not at all I think I may have a problem with it. It currently rivals my favorites with 288 stories. I think I may need advice and was also wondering if anyone else had this problem.

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